Legends of Tomorrow: Seance and Sensibility

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits!
This week we bid farewell to an honorary legend so let’s get started.

  1. Just noticed that they are anti-smoking on this show. They haven’t let John light up in a long time.
  2. John pointing out all the supernatural practices at funeral including mirrors
  3. Charlie excited to see the Incredible Mona but not so much when swatted away
    4, Speaking of trademark infringement: “Legends Assemble”? Really?
  4. “Now this is a wedding!”
  5. Love Mick being insightful:” Your old man is dead. Whatever you say do it for you”
  6. Of course first guy Zari gets close to is Hindu god of love. How will Nate ever measure up. Slowly getting on board with this ship
  7. Awww so cute with Norah wanting to hold Ray’s hand
  8. Poor Mona. She really loved her monster and his eyes.
  9. Guest starring Tom Wilson as the dead guy
  10. I liked the comment that Hank was the man who could make you believe in magic.
  11. Let’s be honest here, Ray and Norah didn’t sing they said their lyrics
  12. Loved the meta: Is this the Bollywood musical number?
  13. Nate’s dad captured the creatures for a theme park for his son? Nice but he seemed way out of character to how he has been all season. And why treating creatures so badly. This would seem to get protests like the circus and Sea World did.
    Well that’s all for this time. Until next episode stay Legendary!

This was, to be honest, a forgettable episode. Didn’t like it at all and Legends is my fav CW show.


I love the Legends. They’re my favorite CW show.

But, I feel like this episode didn’t know what it wanted to be. Normally, I’m good with weird and crazy but this one just didn’t fit well together for me. I was happy to see Zari get more screen time. The Bollywood scene was beautiful, but in the midst of everything else that was going on (funerals, hauntings, blooming romances- which I still don’t understand where the Nate-Zari thing started, Constantine’s issues, Ray’s issues, etc.) it just left me confused and wondering what was going on. By the way, did Ray and Nora actually did the thang? Or was that a dream?

Also, I want a Constantine show so much!!! He deserves his own show again.



I love that you post this thread for each episode. I look forward to your post every week. =)


Also, why was there a jar of candy right next to the casket? LOL - That seems like an odd place to put candy.


I know, I know, not every episode can be the greatest but I still enjoy seeing my favorite misfit cast of characters act just like a dysfunctional family would and still be there for each other.
I do agree this episode had a lot going on, and I never liked comic book movies that pack too much not giving any one story time to grow.
Maybe the next episode will be better.

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@JLWWSM I am glad you look forward to my weekly posts. I was just trying to find other fans of this quirky show and I enjoy compiling my list of thoughts on each episode hopefully infusing with my pop culture knowledge.
Maybe the candy is to distract the young imps who may cause mischief at a funeral? Sorry just watched a Winter Solstice episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and reminded me of the Yule Lads. Dark dark show but addictive. Definitely not the Teenage Witch.