Legends of Tomorrow: Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness

Welcome again my Legendary Island of Misfits. I hope this week’s summary finds you all safe and sound and surrounded by loved ones like the Legends family. We will get through this, they have shown me the future. Before I cry too much about the departure of an original Legend, lets get started.

  1. What do you mean you can’t start life together with one foot in past? This whole show’s concept is about going back into the past.
  2. Did it seem to anyone else with this episode that Brandon really did not want to leave?
  3. This futuristic ship only has one bathroom? Really?
  4. No MacGuffin talk until after my coffee
  5. Mick: I would be too if I had all that damn hair. I loved seeing Mick much more over this episode again!
  6. Mick again: You’re moving out. Next logical step in a relationship. And by the way I heard you two going at it like jackrabbits. Sweet yet still truly a Roryism
  7. I liked the use of Mona in this episode, just enough to not be annoying and she seemed more at ease than previous episodes
  8. Astra recalled the evil souls to Hell, so no more encore for Encores?
  9. Ray: Saying goodbye to Nate is biggest mission yet. He did go to the moon once, so maybe second.
  10. I liked that Gidget even got in on the act of trying to get Ray to tell Nate. She is truly a member of this family!
  11. Bad British accent: “Frankly offensive” I also like both John and Charlie’s expressions
  12. Will the Quill. Students should use that in their book reports.
  13. Zari: Is this an intervention? No it is Book Club.
  14. Mick: It’s simply, you distract the goons and I punch the producer in the face. Great plan!
  15. Nate: I’ll rappel down and I will rappel next to you and it will be epic and we will high five
    Behrad: Dude I don’t dance like that
    John will spout some nonsense: Mambo jambo
    Best. Plan. Ever.
  16. Charlie gets ring while they discussed their master plan. Classic.
  17. Bachelor party will be an Elizabethan extravaganza!
  18. We don’t use the C words, cult, clone
  19. When Nate told the girls that a dog stole the ring all I could think was The dog took my homework
  20. Anyone else notice they got Nora a pony….
  21. How’d they explain to the stripper where he would be, um, performing?
  22. It was like recap city between the totems, and meeting Elvis
  23. Funny how voice commands don’t work with slurred speech.
  24. I laughed so hard when the suit clangs into a codpiece
  25. Sexy fireman stripper: That’s going to be a problem.
  26. Nate: Why didn’t he just steel up again, stupid Mercutio. If only the plays were like this in school when I went.
  27. Nate and Sara: We gave up our lives to be on the ship and we made history. Two of the originals left.
  28. Um, was there a Marvelous crossover when they practiced for Romeo v Juliet and I heard “We must collect the gems to save the world”?
  29. Pew pew pew, even then they knew how to make the shooting noises!
  30. OK, don’t hate me, but when they were getting rid of the script were they getting rid of the Snyder cut of Romeo and Juliet?
  31. You’ve been replaced by Riverdale. SO the show exists in the Legends universe? Why not, I heard the Supernatural Impala is making a future appearance as well.
  32. Face of steel and fists like thunder strikes – once again, I need this version in my life. #ReleasetheShakespeareCut
  33. Romeo and Juliet form a team with allies Hamlet, Viola and Puck to face Richard the Third. The Shakespeare Extended Universe!
  34. I love the characters, they deserve a great ending.
    If I let them go, unsure what happens next.
    Endings are necessary for growth no matter how painful they can be.
    I really am going to miss Ray.
  35. Last mission playlist or matching t-shirts. What would be on that playlist?
  36. Whimsical turns of phrases, yup that’s what the Legends do.
  37. I’ve seen your help in action and it is anything but. Yup that’s the Legends too in a nutshell.
  38. Who singlehandedly destroyed storytelling as we know it and ruined western literary canon.
  39. Ray with his stupid optimism and blind faith and his dumb plans that always seem to work
  40. Mick is really is in this acting. He tries to get more applause and really relishes his role.
  41. Nate and John, star-crossed lovers
  42. John: Leave me so unsatisfied – with a flourish!
  43. Zari wisdom, how I missed you: It can be hard to face your time with someone is coming to an end. Sometimes easy to send them away before it hits you. Change is hard but it can be beautiful it can be both.
  44. I am forever calling Gideon Gidget!
  45. Gidget: Will I ever see you again?
    Nate: Take care of the Legends for me.
    Aww Gideon cried….
  46. I seriously worried that Nate missed saying goodbye to Ray.
  47. Nate I’m still here buddy. Yeah, he didn’t miss him!
  48. This sucks, I love you. The new “I know”. Tears strolling down my cheeks at this point, gonna miss the time bros.
  49. Parting is such sweet sorrow
  50. Weird thing about friendship. Starts because you need each other
    And then if you do it right and help each other grow, you need each other less.
  51. Sara: You ever need a bro hug, I’m your gal
  52. Ray was bad at bro hugs at first, but Sara is really terrible at bro hugs
  53. Mick likes King Lear, because he can relate.
  54. Mick: Nurturing fathers don’t run in my family…Mick you are much better than he was!
  55. Gross is that Ray’s green juice? Only Zari likes it, figures it is some health drink.
  56. Parting toasts to Ray: To ray who taught me how to be a better friend by being a better friend than you deserve.
    No problem so big it can’t be solved with a smile
    If you’re dumb enough to expect good from the world, it might live up to your expectations.
    I raise my glass of green juice to you too Ray and Nora. I hope you find happiness but always know the waverider is still your home with your family you can visit. Until next time, stay Legendary and safe.
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    Arrowverse Couch Club, Week 3: March 15-17 episodes (Saying goodbye to Ray and Nora)
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After seeing how much Mr Parker content they’ve uploaded to YouTube, I really wouldn’t be surprised if a Shakespeare Cut actually exists.


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Great line. and so early in the episode

I did!

It doesn’t matter because one mind wipe later and all is proverbial well…

The Marvel references in all of the CWverse abound! My favorite was s1 of the Flash with Dr Stein. “if this works, i will exclaim ‘Excelsior!’ or ‘Eureka!’; I’m not committed”

I am more partial to Billy Shakes

Nate and Ray aren’t just time bros. they are Time BroHeims!


I gotta say, seeing Zari come out of the bathroom…wow! I like they’re having fun with this new version of her, but I do hope to see the old Zari come back. Her playing Juliet was wonderful. You can really see how talented an actress Tala Ashe really is.

Also, knowing Routh didn’t want to leave made Ray’s departure all the more tragic.


I’m teary-eyed thinking of this episode. It may be one of my favorite episodes of the entire series so far. It hit all the right notes.

Same! Knowing the Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story, I thought they may have a tragedy here too (them tragically not saying goodbye to each other). I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

Mick has always loved haircut. He was the first one in the kitchen cause he couldn’t sleep after they left.

Yes! She was perfectly balanced and not tense.

I laughed out loud at the matching t-shirts

The entire Romeo and Juliet play was so well done by all of the cast.

This season is so well done. Another fantastics episode. I will miss Ray and Nora :cry:

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i had to edit my previous post about the broheims. And to expand my repeating from couch club: I liked the back and forth between the balcony scene and Ray and Nate’s good-bye. Even though the former is more the first meeting; i was rather caught up in the moment.

More details about Book Club was also a welcome feature, the bachelorette party notwithstanding.

Zari and Nate will eventually get together, but this is going to be a whole new Zari, a Hacker-Influencer, for lack of a better label/category.

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I know they’ve spoken about the one bathroom problem before, but I thought they made another one at some point?

Right? Like they could have just time portaled him in, but like how did they explain the rest? They just left him alone to explore it seems lol

They always “kicking” the tech guy or scientist off the ship. We better get zari 1.0 back soon. Also, who is going to do all the chores now that Ray is gone? Ava? Will the ship just be super messy from now on? That would be funny.

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I’d be happy with a fusion of who Zari was and who she is. I think it’s a great middle ground.

It took me a while to get Zari’s character when she first came on the show. As time went on I really liked what they did with her, especially her stand alone episode when it was just her. It made her being wiped from existence all the more startling at the end of last season.

Since they introduced her, albeit with a different personality, it’s been fun to see a different side of her. And I love that she gets flashbacks of her old life.

This whole storyline could’ve been a disaster but they’ve made it work and I’m dying to see where it goes.

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I basically agree with everything you just said here. I said last week I’d love a mix of the two zari’s. It also took me until the “here we go again” episode to really LOVE Zari. I am happy her tragic backstory was basically erased, but I miss old zari! I can’t wait for them to explore her memory flashes.