Legends of Tomorrow Premiere

Watched the premiere last night, enjoyed the comedy in it and found it to be a little horrifying. I was in awe when the unicorn showed up. Wasn’t just some horse with a horn glued to it’s head. Had a full on rainbow thing going on from the horn…was very Rainbow Brite. Then it kills someone and eats their heart. Seeing this horse munching away with blood dripping to the ground from it’s jaws was just very creepy. Bravo!

I think it’s hilarious that they cast Biff from “Back to the Future” as Nate’s dad. Only LoT!

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I loved it! This show is probably my second favorite of the Arrowverse shows right now. (Flash is #1 with me.) I just like all of the characters in it, and so far there isn’t anyone that I feel annoyed by. The unicorn was comic gold. I just hope they have more Beebo this season.


It’s was okay. Some lol moments and cool special guest appearance