Legends of Tomorrow: Nip/Stuck

Welcome back to the Legendary Island of Misfits! A lot of good character moments reminding me why I love these guys so let’s go:

  1. Nora’s ID picture, filling out start paperwork, and computer shows her records when 15 and in mental institution: time bureau like any job I’ve had
  2. I have notice that the Nippled One has lost his squeaky voice with his evil power
  3. I thought interesting take that Neron threatens his human vessel to get John’s cooperation
  4. Meta alert: too much exposition Gideon
  5. Pretty ingenious to have them fire at Ray to bury in avalanche
  6. Mick: no ones turning me into beef jerky since in Donners pass
  7. Mick again: When a team member goes dark you end them before they end you. Pretty harsh
  8. Leonard Snart’s jackets to keep warm
  9. Another great Mick moment when he stands up to Sara and says she cannot be only one to have fun outside ship
  10. Felt a little Christmas carol vibe when John sees his ancestor and how he uses fear to increase magic but is a jerk
  11. Using performance reviews to brainwash…just like in real life
  12. Love love the moment between Mick and Sara where he realizes they are the last of the originals
  13. Mick has really grown as a character and cares about others. He shines in this episode
  14. John going to hell to be with others he sent there is like when police go to prison with criminals they put away
  15. John is scared not of going to hell but seeing those he cares for tortured alongside him
  16. You’re more than a team. You’re family.
  17. Death Ray made John help not to save himself but an innocent
  18. Sara: Never tell me the odds Gideon. Had deja vu earlier episodes.
  19. Mick: Don’t give up on Haircut
  20. Wait wait…John goes to hell to save Ray???
  21. Wait wait again…Tabitha is the fairy godmother!!!
  22. Bloody hell, no really, Hell.
    Gary is all the man we need. And I don’t just say that because Death Ray made me do so.
    Until next time, stay Legendary!

About the egg… According the book/notes, the egg “expires” if it doesn’t receive heat. That egg didn’t have heat for a long long time! I may have missed it, but I did they explain why they think the baby dragon is still alive?

Mona attacking Gary’s evil-possessed-nipple grossed me out.

Great callouts, as usual @ImpulseMaxMercury! =)

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I really liked this episode…minus Mona. For a show that’s got so many characters, it feels like a lot of this season has been wasted on her and her subplots.

I should be annoyed that Tabitha is the fairy godmother, but I got such a kick out of it.

Constantine’s “talk” with the creature when they were chained up might’ve been the highlight of the episode.

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@JLWWSM and @superby1 thanks for following my weekly comments on this show. I’m glad I have found fellow fans like me. I know it’s not for everyone.
You know, I was trying to remember where they found the egg because I thought it was somewhere cold, but I could be wrong. I think it is just a miss on the writers’ parts, which I will forgive, if only because I am excited to see a baby dragon.
I still stick by my thoughts that Mona was supposed to be our viewpoint in to the Legends but they need to figure out how best to use her.
I know, John was a regular softie this episode, gruff exterior with kind caring heart inside.
Nice callback to fairy godmother as I could do with more singing, nah

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The egg was in a block of ice when the explorer guys found it.
I am looking forward to seeing what craziness Constantine is going to find in hell. Also what Gary does with his own fairy godmother.

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@.50710 thanks! I had thought they found it somewhere cold so what they say now doesn’t make sense. As I said they will forget this in order to have a dragon on the show.
I did like the initial view of hell not only had criminal looking types but also guys in suits, a different type of criminal.

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