Legends of Tomorrow: Mr Parker's Cul-De-Sac

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Won’t you be my neighbor and spend this special occasion with me?

  1. Gary is singing “I’ve been cleaning up Beebo, just to scrub the time anomalies away, “ to the tune of “I’ve been working on the railroad.” Funny especially since he develops a fear of trains and gets over it all in one episode.
  2. The Loom of Fate can change a life without messing up the timeline. Interesting.
  3. John, when he was sentimental, may have encouraged Ray to Carpe his Diem. He came a long way from making fun of the saying in the other episode.
  4. I think Nate was more nervous than Ray was before he proposed. Time bros forever!
  5. Pippa was playing a Beebo themed match three game. Beebo lives!
  6. After his brush with death, John gave up smoking. Well considering I have already noted how few times they actually let him smoke on camera, he didn’t have to go far.
  7. “1874, aka two years earlier in Legends time.” One of the best captions ever!
  8. Aren’t all pyramid schemes soul harvesting ventures?
  9. “Rebecca Silver knows as much about love as teenage boy’s sock drawer.” Oooh sick burn for the HeatWave!
  10. The Mr. Rogers parody was perfect between the logo on the tape, to the train/trolley to the make believe land. They really have some of the best satirists on this show.
  11. Cul-de-Sac is like a circle and circles never end…now I got a damn song stuck in my head.
  12. Ray: “Nora’s dad literally came back from the dead and ruined the evening.”
  13. Sara and Ava: “No boys. They get sentimental.” I love it!
  14. More of Zari hacking to get location of troll—when will we get regular Zari back!!!
  15. Waitaminute! The hookup at their high school reunion in a previous episode resulted in Lita, Mick’s daughter???
  16. Damien: “You can just smell the dark forces at work in here.” It is John’s house after all.
  17. Damien: “I only ask for neighbors who I don’t have to kill”
  18. Nora invoking book club to give her one night with her dad. I love they call back to earlier parts of the shows for us fans.
  19. Captain Cold? Wasn’t he an original member of the Legends?
  20. Geez, Ray you planned six courses
  21. I just realized that this episode is playing like an old Three’s Company episode with all the lies that get more and more involved. John is dating Nora, Nora has henchwomen in Ava and Sara, got to keep the fairy godmother stuff secret from Mr Roper.
  22. Pippa is insightful: She’s hiding you from her dad
  23. You cannot quote season 8 episode 15 to me. Ray, I am gonna miss loveable nerd you.
  24. Mick’s daughter is named after Lita Ford of the Runaways. It’s perfect!
  25. I just realized that Mick has a kid like Martin Stein found out he had after they both changed history. Difference was Stein hid his daughter as she would be considered an anomaly, but now they’ve grown and Mick’s daughter is OK.
  26. I love that John is pumping information from Damien about the Loom
  27. Sara was getting job offer from Wild Dog in Star City, which she was going to consider because she thought Ava wanted to settle down but Ava really enjoys the adventure now.
  28. Beautiful Palmer jawline, you know it’s a dominant gene.
  29. “It feels rushed.” Hmmm, was this a commentary on the quick way they are writing both Ray and Nora out of the show, especially after Brandon’s comments?
  30. “They’re not my henchmen they’re my friends. I’m a fairy godmother. I’m not a child you cannot just kill my friends anymore.” This really shows the all the growth Nora has had in just two years since her father last saw her.
  31. “It’s after five and I could use a cold one.” Man deserves a break after 4000 hours of television. I am sure Mr Rogers is rolling over in his grave about this.
  32. The expression on Nate’s face when Pippa made her wish was priceless.
  33. Nora and Damien talking seems like I should be yelling “Jerry! Jerry!”
  34. Charlie explains that people should be able to rebel to be weird. That’s why she broke the loom.
  35. Where can I get a Safe Space Sombrero
  36. Legends is the idiot brigade, ok I’ll take it with some humor…
  37. Nora: “My life now is not Ray’s choice it is mine. I like helping kids because being raised by a demon cult instead of father was your choice.” I really am gonna miss her as she has been really the voice of reason and comfort lately.
  38. Nate’s sun is still better than Teletubbies sun.
  39. Pippa: “I thought my family was messed up but these guys are truly deranged” Yup sums up the Legends perfectly! And she decided to release Nora after this to return to her own family.
  40. As promised, Gary is the flower boy
  41. Last time for time bros. Sniff, sniff.
  42. Damien makes his peace with Ray and moves the story forward for Ray to leave with Nora from the show.
  43. Damien: “Do the right thing son or I’ll come back and get you.” Sounds like any doting father.
  44. I like Mick trying to convince himself he did the right thin in leaving his daughter: “She’s better off without me. She’s an idiot I’m an idiot I’m a pain in a@@ she’s a pain in the a@@. She’s not in juvie which proves I’m no good for her.” Awww Mick, you would be a great and fun dad!
  45. Damien’s look on his face when dancing with her, followed by his tears. I’m not crying…
  46. He ignored the reason he was there to cause suffering for Astra to see his daughter. He also didn’t want to bum her out since Astra will call him back to burn for eternity in Hell.He really does have a heart, considering I believe the actor also played the Tin Man in that Wizard of Oz reboot.
  47. I initially thought he was still being evil and took the sword to use it against others. He ended up killing himself instead. He really changed and I’m sad to see him go as he was a great character.
    It is kinda bittersweet since this was sorta farewell to Ray and Nora packed into another funfilled episode. I am going to need a moment. Until next time stay Legendary!
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I missed this.

I liked Gary the train abomination. there was another adjective in there that really made it.

I wonder how they are going to portray the other Fates. My biggest question is why is she a shapeshifter? will the other two be similar? and why was Charlie in the time prison in the first place?

As in Kids in the Hall?

More like Jerry Springer the way they accused each other

I think it was from when they were in high school since they dated then?

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I forgot another moment that i really liked:

Zari: This is very pornographic
Mick: Thank you.


Remember in the episode Slay Anything they went to the high school reunion in 2004. This would then make Lita the right age when Mick meets her in 2020. They did say they hooked up at that reunion


Yeah the daughter would be 15ish now! Totally thought the reunion was in present time- that time travel gets confusing. Good catch!


No problem! I love the writers thought that much about it and connected the two together.

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Classic Mick! From the excerpts I have heard characters read, Zari isn’t wrong.

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@AntLeon here are screen caps of the two years later scene.

I also wonder what the other fates are like. I wonder if Charlie became a shapeshifter out of necessity to hide from her sisters all this time. Did she evolve into these powers as a defense mechanism?
I hope Legends goes into her background which they may do through flashbacks. Then we can find how she was locked up like the other magical creatures.
Or maybe they can go back in time to when the loom was around. Now if only someone had a way to travel through time…hmmm
I debated of including Gary as the train in my summary but figured I had already covered him when I said he got over his fear of trains after getting his fear earlier in episode. I laughed out loud at him being a train even if he was an abomination.

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Totally missed this. I thought it was funny that he was the toy train, but I didn’t connect that he was afraid of trains because of the earlier scene. I was like why is he afraid of trains? Good catch. Classic Gary.

I do like some aspects of new Zari but I definitely like Zari 1.0 better. Hoping for a combo thing here. I can’t wait for her to remember, I’m sure it will be a favorite episode for me.

You bring up a good point. Maybe she used the loom to change her own life and that’s why she was in prison…was it prison? Can’t remember now.


The screen caps are blurry. when i click on them it says the image cannot be opened.

Sorry for the double post. another great line from Gary: Did i just blink out of existence?!


I’m sorry about that. I did it old school and took a picture of the tv. Little technologically challenged. I’ll try to figure out a better way

I’m using the app on my phone and I see the screen caps perfectly. That’s weird you can’t see them.

It might be how they are viewed on various devices as I uploaded and checked them on my phone but I was going to see there was another way to upload

This is from the CW app. I use this a lot for screen grabs don’t know if it’s any better though.

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@AntLeon is this clearer?

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The second one is indeed clearer. And when i scroll up, the two i couldn’t see are now clear. :thinking:


Umm I don’t know, magic?

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