Legends of Tomorrow: Mortal Khanbat

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Let’s see what a tangled web we weaved when we deem to deceive!

  1. For all the times they stop John from smoking on the show, he makes a good point in not quitting now.
  2. I knew from the start of the episode when she was being called Clotho that she was one of the original fates! I called it! She was really old, and knew of the loom and broke it. The only way to be that close would be one of the sisters.
  3. New nickname for Behrad…B-easy? Hmm, not quite sure.
  4. Zari likes that she is part of the team, and even compliments Charlie on her fashion sense.
  5. Once again, limited time for Mick, explained away that he is in a mood over Ali.
  6. Heck, it was obvious to even me that Behrad and Charlie, ahem, went to pound town.
  7. The Legends new motto: We tidy up the timeline, now I am hearing the Mr Clean jingle in my head for some reason.
  8. OK, anyone else think of Groundhog Day (Great Movie!) when Ava revealed her Prognosticator? “Prognosticator of prognsoticators…”
  9. Meet the newest Legends member: Scoots McGoots
  10. QB = Queen Bee; I cannot unhear it now.
  11. “Who could hate you that much?” “The list is long”. Oh, John.
  12. I like the doves flying during Khan’s entrance like a John Woo film
  13. OK, when Nate said that Khan would take a motorcycle as a modern horse, all I heard was “On a steel horse I ride…”
  14. Great capture of the John Woo type movies, where you get slow motion turns, bullets going by, and even Ava firing two guns. Not to mention the standoffs where everyone is pointing a gun at each other.
  15. Gary: “I added honey just the way you like it.” I am glad, in my own weird way, that he is still around.
  16. “I’m John Constantine and I’m devious to the core.” Now, I am hearing “B-b-b-b-bad to the bone.” What is going on here?
  17. Behrad stopped bullets in midair, so cool.
  18. Pippa is still working through challenges, and needed convincing to help.
  19. “If I die, I’ll come back and haunt you every waking hour of your life.” “I wish your scary British friend wasn’t sick.” John is great with kids and can be rented for your next birthday party!
  20. Nate’s question to Behrad: “Did she shape shift?”
  21. “If there was a female version of you, I’d be all over you.” “Oh, you mean like my sister”
  22. Impenetrable tomb, it took Khan 700 years to dig out. He is a true bada@#
  23. Sir Raymond of the Palms, at your service. Was this during the Camelot 3000 episode?
  24. John: “Goodbyes are for saps and bucket lists are for mealy mouthed cowards who don’t have the courage to carpe the diem.” I thought John was acting just like Joe Pesci’s character in With Honors when he knows he is dying and is pushing everyone away. It’s a great movie if you haven’t seen it. Brendan Fraser (Doom Patrol) is in it as well.
  25. Um, are we allowed a Marvelous Competitor mention in these episodes?
  26. I like that Marie Antoinette is enjoying the soap opera.
  27. Nate is impressed Zari is researching history, which actually helped them in this mission.
  28. “Shove you where the sun don’t shine” “You’d probably enjoy that.” Gotta love John’s expression.
  29. I want to know more about the ghost of Winston Churchill story!
  30. KHAN!!! You knew they would not let that one go.
  31. The ultimate betrayal…Scoots
  32. Waitaminute…Skeets, Scoots…where is Booster Gold?
  33. “Your shapeshifting friend told you to tell your team I am here.” “And I told her I’m on a beer break.” Even with very limited screentime, Mick shines and makes me laugh!
  34. Even Genghis sees that Behrad and Charlie went to pound town (I’m sorry, I cannot use the other terms, feels dirty).
  35. I like that Charlie takes Khan’s toothpick. Very cool move.
  36. Charlie: “People should decide their own destinies.” Perfect for this show!
  37. John was gonna give his house to Gary. Good because who else would feed the hellhounds? Gozer?
  38. Gary, the flower boy?
  39. Ray was engaged twice before? I am trying to remember. His first fiancée was killed before he made his appearance on Arrow. Then, he was engaged to Felicity? Do I have that right?
  40. John on dying: “I wouldn’t have picked being at home with my mates.”
  41. He always goes out on his own terms, drinking the poison Astra’s mom used to kill herself.
  42. Singing the song they shared with Natalie saves John. I posted a post about what music moved you from DC media, and this just proves my point on how powerful it is. Music that moved you
  43. “I need to see a lady about a loom.”
    That is a lot to pack in one episode, but I like that Astra is not as bad, and the big bad may be fate themselves, which fits so well with this group of time travelling misfits. Unfortunately, we will have to wait two weeks for a new episode, so until next time, stay Legendary!
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You had me at “With Honors”

I love that movie!

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The image of Khan and his followers terrorizing people w/ gun-mounted scooters will never not be hilarious. I swear, sometimes it feels like the writers are just picking the most random ideas they can think of, but they manage to pull it of so well w/ every episode

He and Felicity dated but they never got engaged. He was briefly engaged to Kendra in season 1 of Legends

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@arkhamassassin I completely agree. There are so many ways this show could go so far off the rails and be bad, yet they take every wacky concept, roll with it, and keep it entertaining like we are having as much fun as the cast. I am also glad it’s focus is in the team this season as I think Mona and the time bureau especially slowed it down.
Yes you are correct on Kendra. I said to myself the other day that I need to go back to the start and rewatch the episodes again to see how much has changed. This may be a summer project!

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Yes! Loved it

I’m tempted to rewatch that episode. It was really good.

I’m glad we got to see her again. She’s fun.

Where was Mick?

The Khan on the scooter was just awesome!

Poor Behrad, she broke his heart.

Another great episode. This is gonna get crazy with the fate sisters. Can’t wait!

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Mick showed up towards the end guarding Prince Charles while Charlie impersonated the prince. Too limited screen time though

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But wow! were there a lot of incidental casualties this episode! People gunned down left and right! Holy butterfly effect, Batman!

Yea, I know, stop being a drag

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Maybe they were intended to die and they just died a different way this time. Seems they hung with a bad crowd with a short life expectancy.
Or maybe their deaths will lead to Zari coming back to us instead of as social media girl? That would not be too bad.
Or maybe they were like what the Legends were when Rip Hunter first pulled them together, not too important to history so expendable. Wow reaching for a season one reference there

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Did anybody else think Charlie’s Angels when those three lady cops threw over the table?

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there was even a silhouette

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@a2.ton.51072 I hadn’t thought of that but it could very well have been. I know they did a more blatant sendup in the episode where they kept trying to change the past. It also had an ATeam parody.

@AntLeon now I’ll have to watch the episode again. Good thing there is no new one this week.

you’re welcome?

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Yes thanks! I didn’t mean for it to sound like something bad

I didn’t take it as such. If you heard me say it, you’d know it

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@AntLeon ok so we’re cool. I sometimes hate online as there is no tone button I can hit when I type.


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