Legends of Tomorrow: Meet the Legends (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! We have finally had our first episode back without having to tie into a crossover do we get the Legends just the way we like them. Let’s get started!

  1. I like the montage at the beginning like any other sci fi show introducing characters but cheesy. Especially liked Mona surrounded by Beebos with No Fur but my Own referring yo her being a Kaupe.
  2. I like that the senator they needed to convince for funding was the same one they almost killed last year.
  3. Anyone else get Quantum Leap vibes with the government trying to shut down a time travel project?
  4. The Waverider is quiet because half the team is on a mission… crisis
  5. The rest of the crew took a rain check on the crossover this year.
  6. Nate seems to have become the pretty boy of the group based on the magazine covers and his checking out in mirrors when they suit up. Plus he’s got the resurrection behind him.
  7. I like Charlie’s comment that they were no longer D list superheroes (but that is why we love them!)
  8. Gary in two words: fully forgiven. But I feel sorry that Nora made him Constanyine’s apprentice.
  9. When talking about Oliver’s death, they say he shouldn’t have done the crossover.
  10. What do you do Mick? I steal stuff.
  11. I like that Ray said Superman was there and he was very handsome.:grinning:
  12. People scared of Ray due to Death Ray( it will catch on!)
  13. I’m Ava, time sex tourism? Ok moving on
  14. Ray’s catchphrase 1: Lets go shrink the problem.
    15, Sara complaining they took the punny statement task away from her Rushing into Russia.
  15. Ray’s catchphrase 2: Minimize the mishap.
  16. I personally like Villa-agains over Encore.
  17. Do people really wear matching pajamas? Gary “yes”
  18. I don’t know why I laughed when a bird struck the cloaked Waverider.
  19. I like that Behrad’s parents think he is in business school instead of time traveling. Must be hard to keep up appearances if he came from 2044.
  20. Speaking of which the 2040s must have been a key time in future as Arrow has had three 2040 versions and now 2044.
  21. I’m glad by end of episode they decided to act as a team instead of separately.
  22. Although I like Calm him down, write a love letter, assassinate him.
  23. I like that Mick was impressed by Mona’s writing ability and I am glad they found a way to write her out of show, but I hope they don’t undo all the character development for Mick by just having him be a thief again. He will always be Rebecca Silvers to me!
  24. Rasputin helped Nate start to remember Zari! Too bad he does not know her name but maybe Behrad knows her. She is his sister.
  25. Sara mentioning she already has one dead friend on her plate​:cry:
  26. Gideon malfunctions because of timeline changes with Zari.
  27. You need to nail the laugh before we kill the Romanovs!
  28. Calls Behrad B like they called Zari Z.
  29. Ray’s catchphrase 3: Your atomic number is up ( I like this one)
  30. Ray’s catchphrase 4: Size matters
  31. They sort of prove that Marvelous Competition fan theory using Ray and Rasputin.
  32. Rasputin preserves, not Smucker’s
  33. Bad news bears vibe…perfect!
  34. I like them pointing out flaws in documentary like how could Rasputin speak English?
  35. Baby Stalin versus Baby Hitler next PPV!
  36. Questionable special effects…
  37. Ugh how does Rasputin taste?!?
  38. “John, you take care, you lunatic “
  39. Mona to Mick, “You were my favorite “
  40. Zari saying you Nate find me!
    That’s all for this time. Until next time, stay Legendary!

I just found out two more things I missed in the premiere, how could that happen?!?!
Here’s a bonus to tide you over since LoT does not return until February 4th!

  1. Apparently during the Senate hearing on tv, the ticker on the bottom told us Ryan Reynolds is playing Detective Beebo in a live action film?!? Where can I see this?
  2. Towards the end when Sara dipped Ava with a kiss and she fainted, this was an outtake they left in. With all the silliness in this show I did not notice it was not supposed to be there. Brilliant!
    Stay Legendary!


I instantly loved Behrad. Can’t wait to see what they do with his character.

Where did Charlie run off to?

I’m glad Constantine is still around. But I was like :nauseated_face: when he drank the blood.

Mick trusting Mona to write as “Rebecca” was a nice development.


It was a fun episode and a very LoT way of dealing with the aftermath of COIE.

We got to see just how vulnerable Sara is under her stong exterior. I mean, Sara actually wanting to talk about her feelings with her friends!! It is almost out of character for her…almost. Her empathy is something we see with her when other legends are confronted with emotionally charged issues. Such as Jax and the rest of the legends after the death of Martin Stein. Finally showing this side of Sara is a big growth moment for her. I am glad we finally got to see it on display.


@DeSade-acolyte I completely agree. I love how much character growth there has been on this silly show. I like Mick and you are right about Sara, she has realized she needs her family. I also liked how she took charge in the crossover .


I really enjoyed this episode.

I loved how they put in the Reaction YouTubers in the beginning showing the “fans” seeing them defeat the dragon. (For anyone who does’t know, those fans were all real life YouTubers who cover the show in their videos) and also heard that drawing Behrad was apparently fan art someone does on Twitter. Not the first time they have incorporated the fandom into an episode, but I love that they do that and sure it made their day.

Behrad was awesome, not at all what I expected but a great character so far. Also think the writers and cast did a good job in their interactions. If you had not seen the final last season, you would believe he really has been on the show interacting with these characters for years. Kind of reminds me slightly of Dawn in Buffy the way they brought in a new character while treating it as if they had always been in the cast.

That is Zari’s brother right? Or rather an alternate timeline version of him? If so I wonder what will happen when he sees what Nate’s forgotten love is. Does Zari exist in this timeline? Will Bahrad recognize her as his sister? Interesting stuff.

Ava did seem a bit out of character. Part of it was the fainting of the kiss, which seems like if I wanted to be realistic she probably wouldn’t do after over a year of kissing Sarah, no matter how great Sarah is. But I laughed anyway so who cares, did make more sense when I heard it was an outtake, but love they left it in.

But even that aside Eva acted more like the legends screw up the rest of the team was… another person Sarah had to keep wrangling in. I get she isn’t their boss anymore, but doesn’t mean she suddenly is “part of the problem” in their ability to have their missions devolve into chaos. Guessing they did it to make her fit better in her new role, but think the could have found a way without having to change her character.

I was glad that Mona seemingly is no longer on the crew. She was fine as a character, but thought having her as a full on legend was a bit much and she was starting to grate. Although ironically she was better done this episode I thought then she had been before.

I am still not sure how I feel about the documentary crew. It worked in this episode but don’t know if I am happy or dissapointed they didn’t run with having them follow the team on every mission. Guess it could have gotten tiresome after a while, but it might have been a fresh new way to tell the story.

Definitely a strong start to the series though. Looking forward to more and love that legends is back.


Yes, DanTheMan1,. According to a Marc Guggenheim interview Zari is still around. Apparently she became a major social network influencer after her (Young Zari) display with the dragon at HeyWorld. He also said that there is apparently a lot of resentment towards her by her brother who feels overshadowed by her.


the documentary aspect reminded me of the confessional interviews in the failed JLI pilot.


LoT came out of the gate strong with this one. After the serious tone of COIE, it was just LoT doing what they do best and “and taken the pi$$”. LoT thrive was on not taking itself to seriously. Eva was a bit OTT but the disco was her idea and her sense of not quite being herself felt right. She was always conscious of the doco camera. Looking forward to the rest of the season. I’m concerned with not having Z or Jax on the ship. They don’t really have an engineer to fix up Gideon. I’d love to see them recruit Jax again to fill that role and he’s a badass in his own right.

The doco crew would have bogged down the show, using them for an episode, great idea. For a season, to much overhead and to much a change in style shooting it in an ongoing basis.


Did someone say Misfit?

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