Legends of Tomorrow: Meat: The Legends (spoilers)

Welcome back, my Legendary Island of Misfits! Anyone hungry after this past week’s episode? Belly up to the counter and place your order!

  1. Just out of curiosity, was that Gary’s boss/fiancée that splatted on the Waverider windshield? It seemed to be the only alien free at the moment when they released them into the timestream. My condolences, Gary.
  2. Don’t you know to use the windshield wiper fluid first and then use the wipers to clear a bug…er, alien from the windshield? Otherwise you just spread it.
  3. “That alien could have been a lead!”
    “Sure, aliens can survive a head-on collision with a spaceship travelling at thousands of miles per hour.”
  4. “Spooner, any readings?”
    All I could think of was “It’s dead, Jim…er Ava.”
  5. “Sounds like more unpaid labor for us”. Well, it’s a good thing they get summer jobs later in the episode.
  6. October 1955, CA, the birthplace of fast food as well as the death of the great American eatery. It seems Behrad is speaking conflicting stories, as on one hand he seems to hate fast food for what it did to mom and pop restaurants, but on the other hand he loved working the grill at a burger place.
  7. I did not realize that the Legends were considered board-certified superheroes. Where’s their certificate?
  8. “What, do you think aliens are funny?” - Spooner, having trust issues
  9. I love the fact that Zari 2.0 chose the fanciest 1950’s outfit to “blend” in.
  10. “What did alien Gideon say?” - Sara, now I wonder if there is an alien word for Gidget.
  11. Gary’s alien language has more than 70 ways to say “explode from the inside.” And I though Aloha meaning hello and goodbye was interesting.
  12. “Communication was not her strong suit.” - Gary, stating the obvious.
  13. “Hired by some power hungry space lord to gather universe’s most dangerous creatures.” All I could think of was Jabba the Hutt.
  14. Of course Gary has a deck of strong American women.
  15. Three moons and a dog…Three Dog Night? They are a great band.
  16. Gary must resist the cuteness as he has been fooled by it before…like when he took on his support rabbit that was something else.
  17. Burger Herder…lol
  18. Would Zari using the totem to dry her hair really be that much a waste of power as Behrad using them to cool his fries?
  19. Zari 2.0 has earned her Legendary status by defeating that god or scary blond woman.
  20. No, Behrad, the totem did not choose you, you stole it. Eh, semantics.
  21. I love the fact that Rory stole a cop car.
  22. Not only that, but he figured out a major clue about the alien based on all the cop codes (hmmm, now why would he recognize those?) - that 459A at the deli, was followed up by a 415 at the butchers and a 240 at the grocery. He seemed very much into figuring it out with a notebook and everything.
  23. And then just like that he disappears for the rest of the episode. He played his part and then what, went back to day drinking on the Waverider? I am trying to remember if I saw him later but no.
  24. Burger buddies forever, even if Zari was not happy about the new summer job.
  25. Gary is the same as you and me, just with a few more tentacles.
  26. Earth has many wonders…birthday parties, rose water…
  27. Hmm, do we want to know where the dog got its bone from?
  28. Alien disguised as a human disguised as an alien…
  29. “I never saw a man so mad for meat and I grew up in the buffet belt.”
  30. “What did I say about talking?”
    "I believe your precise word was “don’t” but there was nuance in your tone.
    Sara and Gary are my favorite odd couple…it reminds me of Big Bang Theory and when Penny and Sheldon were alone together.
  31. Why would there be an alien who is half-jaguar/half-snake and then another one that is just the opposite? And why wouldn’t you call it jake and snuar?
  32. Amelia Earhart?!?! Turns out she is an alien, so how did she find out the information about the real one? Please do not tell me an alien ate my childhood hero.
  33. “Take in that smoke, and hold it, relaxing those muscles, releasing tension.” Are we talking about the burgers or, ahem, “research”?
  34. Who wears short shorts? Nate wears short shorts.
  35. Behrad sending vibes to the burgers and doesn’t want to send out burgers after a fight.
  36. “You rattle off this hooey and magic stuff happens?” Yes, everytime.
  37. Yeah, first thing I think of when I see puke coming out of someone is to eat it. Thanks for telling me not to.
  38. “They’re charging 25 cents extra per alien. That’s really a bargain.”
  39. “Sara’s one more day closer to dead and you want to talk to mayo.” - Mick, keeping in focus the goals.
  40. “Who are you spying for? Is it those brothers, the Mc-whatevers?” - coming too close to product placement for comfort.
  41. Alien Amelia tells Sara she is lucky that she and Gary have each other. Awwww
  42. “You don’t cross an alien. You will lose something.” - I feel for Spooner. I know it wasn’t nice, but she lost her mom (who I hope is alive and well and they find her in these adventures).
  43. Electric mixer - a sign of the future
  44. And the secret ingredient is…rice vinegar. I knew it!
  45. “Awww, not the nice couple from table six.”
  46. It’s like zombies, but instead of brains they want meat.
  47. “Look alive, the dinner rush is here!”
  48. I want to know why Ava would think a flashlight just sitting in the attic would work. It might have just been brought up there with everything else.
  49. I love the fact that the flashbacks were in black and white like an early sitcom.
  50. The first thought when the alien has grown huge? They could franchise.
  51. “Today, you are not Dragon Girl’s brother, I am Burger Boy’s sister.”
  52. “Cocoon oozing pus and they thought let me put that into the food.”
  53. “You may not want to know what is in fast food these days.” Yeah, at least the alien goo is all natural.
  54. The alien is fattening up the people for the Suburban Slaughter. That sounds like a good band name by the way.
  55. I’m glad someone mentions Mothra because it sounded just like it.
  56. I had to laugh when the owner tries to go after it with a fly swatter and it just falls on the ground.
  57. The alien is zapped on the sign like a bug zapper and letters fall off “Crispy Burgers and Fries” to read “Crispy Bugs”.
  58. Ava poured a second drink for Sara out of habit…awww
  59. When Spooner mentioned how she felt she should feel different when killing aliens, but doesn’t it reminds me of when these shows talk about revenge and how it never brings closure.
  60. “We will keep killing aliens until we find Sara and I get some closure.” Spooner, the great strategist.
  61. How do they explain the huge dead butterfly? I heard news about the worst butterfly attack but not about the huge one.
  62. We just experienced the birth of a mainstay in the DC universe and it is all thanks to the Legends (which makes me wonder how it came about before, but anyways): Big Belly Burger!
  63. “There is no shortage of ways to be super.”
  64. “Managerial capacity on the ship.” I could see it.
  65. Zari 1.0 was back!!! Just enough to stop the fighting over the totem. Does this mean she exists in both?
  66. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Sara, says carefully making sure not to reference that Star Battle movie or anything.
  67. “We should hopefully have you back for a springtime wedding. BUt with you and her Nordic complexion, a winter wedding would be beautiful.” Please, please have Gary plan the wedding like Martin Short’s character in Father of the Bride!!
  68. Um, Gary I am not sure those are fireflies to safety. On the other hand they reminded me of the flashlights in the woods in the movie ET.
  69. The title again gets me. I have a reminder from last season’s first episode after Crisis that was called Meet the Legends. Now they are even parodying their own titles. Love it!
    Well, I don’t know about you, but I am full. Until next time, stay Legendary!

:laughing: Yep!


Seeing Zari 1.0 was the highlight of the episode for me! I miss her and want her to still be part of the show.

I THOUGHT THE EXACT SAME THING! Total Martin Short in Father of the Bride vibes!!

I’m not sure what to think of that whole scene. :thinking: the dog though! The dog was carrying a bone that looked like a human leg or something. That was the first thing that made me worry about “Amelia Earhart”.

Overall, this episode grossed me out, I had to look away a lot. But I still love my Legends and look forward to next week’s episode!


the fast food kitchen is not the same as the mom & pop kitchen. not that you cannot make some sort of family out of it.

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Like Mothra and it sounds like classic Godzilla. Very nice!

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