Legends of Tomorrow: Knocked Down, Knocked Up (Spoilers)

I hope, if nothing else on this show, we have learned that love and loyalty to friends and family is the greatest strength. I am hoping this episode gives the show the “boost” it needs to continue onward into the future.

  1. Oooh, that had to hurt with Gary hitting the door on the way out.
  2. Gary, stranded in 30,000 BC, the time before doors.
  3. “We said Wednesday, not Sunday night, right?”
  4. It sounded like a good plan to start with to have Alun replaced with robo-Alun, but it went off in Legendary fashion
  5. Who knew the 1787 Constitutional Convention would be such a full-time job? That should have a fixer watching over.
  6. Gideon was giddy over being able to dress up in period clothes.
  7. Capitol Hill - like Hell but with more humidity and uglier clothes
  8. So sad that to Gideon it could be like years without talking to her mom, while Spooner it was only a short time.
  9. “We’re not early, we’re on time.” Sounds just like me at any party I had attended.
  10. Gary built a door so he could meet up with the other Legends.
  11. I knew it would be just in time to interrupt Sara and Ava’s news!
  12. “Pooped me out into the timeline.” Great description, Gary!
  13. Remember, practice safe kissing when you are half alien, otherwise you too could become pregnant.
  14. “I’m supposed to be in Hell, you’re supposed to be a machine, we’re all from different timelines.” Everyone can change!
  15. “That’s the problem with you damn Legends. You take everything so damn personally.” Yup!
  16. Astra feels that the apple did not fall from the tree for the Queen of Hell when it came to Gideon.
  17. Gideon did not like how her family looked at her with revulsion for turning on them.
  18. Gwyn had given up everything for them so there really was no choice.
  19. SO, the baby is now superpowerful while Sara is vulnerable. Seems nature would have done the opposite to protect it.
  20. “You made a mistake, we all make mistakes. The Legends will forgive you.”
  21. “Can’t believe you stuck on the ship with this b@@##.” “We don’t use that word on this ship.”
  22. Rip knew he needed other humans on board so that he would not be solely influenced by the AI. This was why he brough the OG Legends on board in first place. The AI must learn from humans not the other way around. Everything has come full circle. Sure feels like a series finale to me…sniff…sniff.
  23. “You’re a big blue head. What are you going to do about it?” Nevermind the person behind the curtain.
  24. “How do you get in touch with someone who is outside of time?” “Does anyone have a pen?” Pen is mightier than the sword.
  25. Great music for Booster Gold…Hotstepper…I need a Legends soundtrack now!
  26. I love the detail such as he golf balls have the Booster Gold look with the star too.
  27. “If I’m gonna get up this early, I might as well play a round of golf.” They captured his character’s attitude perfectly from the start!
  28. “There is no room for you in the timeline.”
  29. Protocol 276 no longer works because they violated the agreement.
  30. That was such a cool effect of Astra pulling them sideways through the ship.
  31. Spooner with the gun reminds me of Ripley from Aliens.
  32. “Dear Fixer, please don’t kill us, we just want to talk. Please?” Well, you did say please.
  33. I love that Booster Gold is a big fan of the Legends. All time travellers, all trying to be heroes, all not perfect but having fun.
  34. His assigned fixed point could fix itself because it would other otherwise create a paradox. If he tried to break the fixed point, then he would just blink out.
  35. “Those d#$%^ put me here as some kind of joke!” His reaction was just perfect! It would seem like something they would do to him.
  36. Aliens, terminator, take your pick for how it feels being hunted by robo Gideon.
  37. Blowing up the cloaking device so the ship appears, making the ship the anomaly now. It would be brilliant if not for the fact that Robo Gideon decides to self destruct in 20 seconds.
  38. “You’re the best mom and friend any girl conjured up out of circuits could hope for.”
  39. NOOOOOO!!!
  40. Whew, great save Astra!
  41. Astra has really developed her powers as she was able to put the ship back together this time.
  42. Seemed like a Booster move to “boost” their Waverider and then as a parting shot, destroy their time machine.
  43. The battel started early because they heard the blowing up of the time machine.
  44. “We’re in the middle of WWI and look, one time ship has been stolen. The other one’s been blown to bits. Oh Alun, he’s about to die, but don’t worry because we have a plan to save him with a robot and we all know how lucky we have been with robots.” Sara has had to shoulder a lot in her time there. She deserves some time hiding under a blanket.
  45. Kissing = homebase for alien species
  46. Since Sara lost her powers, Nate takes over because she has a whole other generation of Legends to look after.
  47. “I told you I didn’t need any luck.”
  48. Nate was OK with bullets but mustard gas is some nasty, corrosive stuff. He still showed he was a hero to save Alun because there was no guarantee that he would have made it back before it was all used up.
  49. It is only right for Nate to have the totem now so he can be reunited with his Zari. I’m sad this is his goodbye for the show, but well deserved sendoff. It also explains why the other Zari does not have her totem but at least sge gae it up willingly and not just to become a fashion icon.
  50. “One lucky ninja baby.”
  51. “What if I were to introduce you to a new kind of madness?”
  52. Were they really going to try to cross an ocean and get back to Texas years before they met Spooner’s mom?
  53. Gary and Gideon were, ahem, foraging.
  54. “I knew I liked that guy.” Hold that thought for a moment,
  55. Booster Gold was arrested but also set up the Legends to be arrested for time crimes as well.
  56. “Watch it, buster.” “Hey, it’s Booster Gold.”
    I wish I had a time ship so I could see if there will be a season 8. They introduce Booster and he was great so I want to see more, especially to redeem some of the jerk moves he made. I want to see what happens with Sara and Ava’s baby. Anyone else notice Mick was supposed to make some appearances but I don’t remember the last time he was there. There is just so much that I want to see, especially how they would play with the Shawshank Redemption in their episode titles. Hoping to see you all again and stay Legendary!