Legends of Tomorrow: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist (Spoilers)

It’s time to do the time warp again!! Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits, as I ask you one question: do you feel lucky?

  1. Team A of the Legends finally make it to NYC!!! It only took 5 episodes!
  2. “Legends, we made it!” UM, Gary, I am not sure if they can hear you in the key/pocket manor.
  3. Legends leaning into the lower special effects budget by having them transported through a “magic door”. Anyone else notice the inside of the door also had a brick wall like the exterior?
  4. “I’m emotionally invested in their love story.” Aren’t we all, Gary?
  5. Loving the classic NY style pizza before any toppings could be on it.
  6. Headline reads: “Bullet Blondes Not Sisters, But Still Wanted Dead or Alive” At least that’s cleared up.
  7. Newsstand guy sticks up for Canadians. “Sir, I know Canadians, and you Legends, are no Canadians.”
  8. Luckily he shot Sara and not Ava. Otherwise, this would have been a more tragic episode. Of course now, too many people have now seen her heal from a shotgun blast, so the footprints widen.
  9. Even when presented with physical evidence, Hoover-Bot still thinks he’s Hoover and just thinks this is subversion. Legends is really trying to say something about Hoover; dislike him much?
  10. Gary is Nate’s doughnut dealer; at least they came from a train and not John’s attic.
  11. Gwyn Davis looks familiar: Mick with hair, young Stein, Ray. What, the British accent did not give it away?
  12. Speaking of which, I enjoyed that Matt Ryan still has a Special Appearance credit in the show, and has for all season, but this is the first episode this season he has appeared in.
  13. “Who are you conversing with? Is someone up there?” Love seeing Gideon shout up to the heavens.
  14. “Isn’t luck just an interpretation of random occurrences?” I find it funny that by the end of the episode, this same reasonable, rational Gideon is holding on to the rock thinking it is lucky.
  15. Best estimate is it will take 4-5 years to build from scratch in 1925. Well, just wait until you find out how long it will actually take for parts to be made for this to work properly (~300 years or so).
  16. “I love scavenger hunts because I love giving myself to all things - games, people.” Way to be subtle and not creepy sounding Gary.
  17. “Did you and Gary hook up? I am not mad, just confused.”
  18. “Could you wait 5 years for the Tarazis to build a time machine that may not work?” I love that Behrad is like no offsense taken, but Zari is slightly offended.
  19. Who doesn’t like baby footprints? Too bad the Legends are making King Kong or Godzilla sized footprints.
  20. Edwin George Baker making a Cannonball Run (Or is the sequel more your style, sorry just got done bingeing the Good Place)
  21. Don’t worry about Sara, she is a half-alien ninja in building for scientists. Of course Hoover would ruin this moment by saying something about illegal aliens. Man they really hate this guy.
  22. Tax convention at 3 PM. Very important, the whole fate of Hoover’s timeline rests on it.
  23. There is a person who wants them dead, but still wants to preserve the timeline.
  24. “Protecting the timeline is literally our job.” Well, maybe someone is trying to quietly push the Legends out of their job.
  25. Gary, Gary, why did you have to tell Edison that it was Davis’ time travel experiment? Become a better liar.
  26. Time travel is his divine mission, his sacred duty. I really want to know Gwyn’s backstory now. I love that Matt Ryan is now playing a man of science, but seems to also be a man of faith like a certain sorcerer we used to know.
  27. Do you want to be known as the cop who arrested a Legend? In more than one way.
  28. “Are you thinking about Gary again?” “Oddly enough, I am.” Gary is certainly wiser than he lets on (other than item 25 above).
  29. Some people use distance or work as an excuse to not take the next step, Nate is using Totems.
  30. Nate saved Zari a bear claw. He gets her.
  31. As they power up the time machine, Ava, Time Bureau manual and Gary disappear. Large footprints.
  32. It really is shocking how much stuff is in John’s attic. Got any deux a machina’s up there?
  33. “If I help you save your person, will you help me save mine?” Saw the necklace and something about Thomas on it. IS the time machine intended to go backwards and stop someone close to him from dying, because would not that be another footprint to erase?
  34. Shows the newfound trust Gwyn has when he does the spit handshake (even if we need to wash hands afterwards).
  35. Oh no! We just killed Thomas Edison! You B@##$%!
  36. “I’m a scientist, not an athlete.” I am picturing a take on Dr McCoy right now.
  37. “Pulled in two different directions and he could not reconcile.”
  38. Whew, the issue Zari has is that she wants to live with Nate in the totem, not the manor. At least I hope that is it. I love the growth of Zari 2.0, but I have missed Zari 1.0.
  39. Zari has built a whole world in the totem and has a community she cannot leave, even for Nate.
  40. Evil Waverider arrives to bring Hoover-bot and Edison-bot to preserve timeline and destroy Legends.
  41. How cute is it that Gideon fell asleep on Astra’s (mom’s) shoulder?
  42. The luck spell was fake? Reminds me of Harry Potter when Harry supposedly gave Ron the luck potion he had won, but did not really and Ron still won the Quidditch game.
  43. I hear that Tahiti is a magical place. (apologies to the Marvelous competition)
  44. That’s right, Sara keeps her promises.
  45. Anyone else see the red storm and lightning and thought of Ghostbusters?
  46. I loved hearing the dramatic music used in the first season of Legends when the blackout was travelling to NYC.
  47. “How many bloody time travelers are there?”
  48. “Save some for me. Just kidding, I don’t drink. But seriously we have an unlimited amount.” Humor and subtle reminder of his religion.
  49. “It’s like I saw my entire future disappear. It was like I lost my safe place.” sniff…sniffle…
  50. “I love bourbon sunsets on our nonexistent porch.”
  51. Gwyn never went on his maiden voyage of time travel, he died instead. Time waves again…
  52. “Do you have enough room?” “Plenty, I’m used to really tight spaces.” “Me, too.” Perfect exchange as Gideon used to exist as a computer program and Gary is stuffed inside a human suit.
  53. “Guys, I don’t think this is Tahiti.”
    The team has been reunited and it feels so good. Let’s see how they handle a new location and time period for next week’s episode, as they try to avoid detection of the evil Time Masters (naw, it could not be back to the beginning again could it?). Until next time, stay Legendary!

Me too!

Thank you for this! I totally missed it :rofl:

Every episode I would get excited when I saw his name, then be disappointed when he wasn’t in the episode. Finally, he’s here and he’s worth the wait! I thought I just loved him as Constantine, but after this episode, I realize he’s a very entertaining actor in any role. I’m 100% on board with whatever character he takes on.

Yeah, it kinda makes me want to dig into Hoover’s history. But I won’t. I’m pretty sure the show is summing it up pretty well.

I am so enjoying this season of LOT!

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