Legends of Tomorrow: Hey, World!

Welcome back to the Legendary Island of Misfits! Sniff, sniff, I am sad this is the last new episode for a while since they won’t return until midseason for the Crisis. Whatever will I do with myself? What about my small but devoted fan base? Gee I sound just like the show I love.
Enough of that let’s get to my finale thoughts.

  1. Have you seen an ogre? Yay high, likes to grunt, drinks beer. Go ask Mick.
  2. Hilarious that Mick gets mad at the ogre for out drinking him.
  3. “As much as I would love to pontificate about my grander plan…”. Definitely learned from mistakes of comic book villains
  4. You can’t just poof yourself into the vaults of Hell.
  5. How cute was it that Zari, who was bullied as a kid, would make friends due to her pet dragon? It gave Zari a good memory from childhood she didn’t have before.
  6. Ok did anyone else get a Watchman vibe when Death Ray (I refuse to call him Ne-Ray) had Charlie turn into an Octopus? Squid used to cause world peace in Watchman and Octopus to cause fear here.
  7. Mick: Damn pigs, don’t they know I am trying to help them? He really has come a long way.
  8. John going to Astra to help and she helps herself to the souls of the worst of the worst.
  9. Death Ray’s plan is to increase fear to be able to bring Hell to Earth. At least this is better than souls by way of terms and conditions.
  10. Monsters are just misfits trying to find their place.
  11. Actually the quote is “If you build it, he will come.” But that’s ok
  12. HeyWorld the amusement park for magical creatures is their big plan to defeat Death Ray. Only on a show where we have Beebos does this make sense.
  13. The vault where the diary is kept is impenetrable. Nope not for a thief like Mick😀
  14. I did not see Vandal Savage coming. And for Ray’s niceness to rub off enough that he decides not to torture him? Hilarious.
  15. Seeing them dressed as the Arrowverse Trinity was sooo funny! Love the comment that the real heroes said no. Maybe they should have done a crossover :crazy_face:
  16. Charlie really had quite the inspiring speech. Who knew the ogre was named Frederic or that he could sing.
  17. Vandal: oh I love those groovy guys.
  18. If Neron breaks his deal to keep Nate safe, he would lose.
  19. Sara: I am not losing another legend.
  20. Did Nate include building permits for his park?
  21. Did they call it Bridget’s diary? As in Bridget Jones?
  22. Baba Gaga kids are audience members not appetizers…Finding Nemo anyone?
  23. I have to agree with the Monitor. This was very badly acted. Yet legends gets invited for next crossover so who knows. Maybe the popcorn was good.
  24. Dragon eats the fairy godmother!!! Yes!!!
  25. John: Will take more than a musical number to stop this. Yet a James Taylor song saves the day
  26. Noooo Nate!!! Was so sad to see that ray comes back to find his best bud died to bring him back. Best Bromance ever!!!
  27. I find it convenient that John can destroy a demon, do all other types of major magic, but it is beyond him to bring Nate back.
  28. The scenes between Nate and Biff again pulled at my heartstrings as they got to say their goodbyes
  29. Everyone singing James Taylor, Minotaur on guitar (hey that rhymes), singing ogre…must be a season finale for Legends of Tomorrow
  30. By the way how does everyone know this song? I know James Taylor but not this song
  31. Nora: Didn’t we do this last year?
    Ava: You’re part of the circle this time.
  32. Although it seemed forced at first, I cried when Zari showed up to save Nate even though it meant she would disappear.
  33. Zari gets replaced by her brother, now that he doesn’t die. Maybe they needed to even put the male/female ratio on the team?
  34. Astra releasing the worst of the worst for next season? Cool idea to keep moving forward
    Whew I lot happened and they ended in typical fashion. I hope they keep it up for next year and keep Mick growing and the Time Bros together! Until next season( or until I figure out what to do in the meantime) stay Legendary!

Vandal Savage was great! I did not expect it. I was sad to see Zari blink out…I was even sadder to see Mona was still there, but all that aside, it was a really nice season finale. I can’t wait to see what they do next season


OK, wow!
I am NOT ready to lose Zari - especially when Gary is still there! Gary can go! I’m still mad his character.

Vandal Savage was the best surprise and of course Ray made a friend out of an enemy in hell! - Only Ray could do that.

The Monitor was a fun surprise. And I really enjoyed the joke about them not being in the crossover.

Mick saves Charlie - awwwww… I so ship them!

Constantine being underwhelmed and mad about their Plan A was hilarious.

I liked Mona more in this episode than in the past several episodes.

The baby dragon was so cute. That fairy god mother was really good at being evil.

The season is over - what are we gonna do?!?!?!? I’ll miss my Legendary misfits but I’ll be watching Krypton Season 2, Swamp Thing, and Young Justice while they’re on hiatus.

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It’ll be streaming on Netflix in a week. Which they are finding is how plenty of people are getting their CWVerse fix.

I’ll binge it again.

As for the acting, it’s tougher to act an absurdist piece than it appears. Ask anyone who’s done Ionesco. Sure, it’s not Oliver doing Macbeth, but neither is Doom Patrol.

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I loved the episode. Found the fact that every time Nora wanted to use her powers Constantine kept saying “You can’t just do that!” with no further explenation. Hope that doesn’t become a thing as it is a lazy writing trick to keep usine. Although them apparently keeping Nora as Gary’s fairy Godmother is funny, although Gary could easily release her.

I was sorry to see Zari go, as they wrote off one of their best characters and best actors (assuming they don’t undo it on down the line next season). But it isn’t shocking, since they say that they will rotate members each season. I did like that the episode set up Ray, Nate and Zari all to potentially be written off. Even fans who didn’t know the producers said rotating people out was the plan I am sure most noticed the patter by now that someone leaves every season. So nice of the writers to not make it obvious who it would be.

I am guessing that is Zari’s brother, which seems odd. I mean I get that he would have the stone since he didn’t die in this new timeline, and writing it as if he was always there and only the audience knows is an interesting way to start next season, although guessing sooner or later they will find out. But what I don’t get is that they apparently changed history so that the Meta Human hunting didn’t happen, which they were going to need to do soon or else write it into the Arrowverse as a whole soon. But if that is changed then why would he have ended up with them, since the dystopian future and it’s conditions is how Zari ended up joining. So would think the change would be more then just the person who had the families powers joined. But maybe they will explain that next season, obviously they will follow up on that. Would be interesting if it wasn’t Zari’s brother and just some other random they took in instead with Zari not there. Did they ever actually say his name?

Also I guess it isn’t shocking Zari got written out in the sense I could see them wanting to even the guy/girl ratio a bit, but couldn’t it have been Mona? I am sorry maybe she will grow on me next season, or still be working at the time bearu but not on as much. But I could have done with her being replaced instead.

Other things… loved the call back to the Legends rejecting the crossover. I could nitpick that the trinity would not have stood them up with the world on the line… but it was so funny I don’t care. Also loved that it mimicked the commercial from the beginning of the season, guessing that is when they filmed it… but it was still funny.

Wish there had been more of a Crisis setup then what we got, definitely got less of one then most. Although to be honest Legends has slowly been distancing itself from the other shows this season and has slowly started to feel less and less like a superhero show at all (the fact they seemingly wrote out one of the remaining members with comic book counterpart didn’t help that) so maybe I should be glad it got one at all. I was just holding out hope that they would set them up to travel to paralell earths next season but clearly not. As for the setup to next season we got… seems like it could be interesting but seems similar to the anachronism one from two seasons back. I also am really tired of magical enemies, I liked the contrast at first but was hoping that they would tone it down, but with the woman who Constantine failed to save apparently the new big bad and so many magical characters still around doesn’t look like we will be getting that.

A good finale, didn’t like this season as much as the previous ones by comparison, but it was still a great ride and looking forward to next season.

I agree with you, it’s feeling less like a superhero show. I hope they steer away from magic next season. Although I love Constantine, this is my least favorite season of the show. I miss having the the focus on flying around through time. The time bureau slows things down, IMO. At the moment, I’d be fine if they never go to the time bureau again.

I am very much looking forward to the role they play in the crossover! Sara and Mick are still my favorite characters in the Arrowverse.

@JLWWSM That’s a good point, actually. The Time Bureau really doesn’t do much when you think about it. Aside from the occasional “The Legends are loose canons and we have to reign them in” story they pump out every now and then, I’m not sure what their actual purpose is. I’d rather focus on the Legends. Just have Ava stay on the Waverider. I love her character!

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Sigh, I was hoping they would wrap up using Constantine this season, but no the Astra storyline for next season means he’s staying put. Once again my hopes for a new Constantine series have been dashed.

@BrightKnight - Maybe he’ll only be there through the crisis / crossover episode, then he gets released for his own show (I hope).

Next season looks promising to me. I can’t decipher all of the names, but these people did terrible things in history.
Charles Manson
Joseph Stalin
John Wayne Gacy
Mary Tudor

I’m all in to see where Season 4 goes.

This particular instance of Zari has been removed from the timeline, however Tala Ashe is returning for season 5.

There are numerous ways to “bring Zari back”. Tala Ashe will be returning to the show. From the TVLINE interview email “interview” with Legends showrunner Phil Klemmer about Tala Ashe’s status with the CW series.

TVLINE: Has Tala Ashe left the show/series regular status? Or is the story now about Nate re-finding Zari?

Klemmer: Tala will be returning to the show but Zari, the character we know and love, will not be. Nate is welcome to go look for her next season, but he will not be pleased by what he finds.

We know that originally she only signed on with the legends to try and change time and get her brother back. She spent as much time being the engineer/computer person for the legends as she did in the field. As did Jax, he spent an entire half-season with no powers. I wouldn’t put it past CW/LoT to put some plot time to Nate finding the “new” Zari. Her being recruited to the Wave Rider, since they are now missing an engineer. Her brother might get killed in Crisis and the totem goes to her anyway.

In any event, Tala will be back in season 5. Maisie Richardson-Sellers who had been Vixen is now Charlie. And there was a comment that maybe Charlie and Mick become a “ship”.

Cool info!

To me, Charlie and Mick are already a ship - they just don’t know it yet. lol :slight_smile:

FYI the other names shown are Lizzie Borden and Grigori Rasputin.

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So glad Zari isn’t completely gone. It was nice that she got to see her mother again and even see her younger self making friends. They’ve done a lot with her since she first arrived on the Waverider.

If Astra is the villain of next season, I’m down for it. First, it’s awesome they picked up that thread from Constantine’s series and went further with it here. Second, the actress playing the adult Astra is awesome. She got dealt a bad hand and you can only imagine what she’s gone through in her time in Hell, but never did I expect that she’d not only grow up, but adapt to her surroundings and use that to her advantage.

I think the Time Bureau worked best as a Men in Black agency, operating from the shadows, even better when antagonist to the Legends. When they showed us it was just a boring government agency, it lost its luster and sense of mystery.

I hope the writers figure out what to do with Gary and Mona. They both started out likable and sweet but when they were seen in larger doses, they became annoying. I understand the need for a character knowledgeable about creatures and acting like the outside viewpoint, but Mona’s character needs to be better developed to be likable and not all cheery. Gary is the kid in a group of losers who the losers can feel superior to. I can understand that he just wants to belong but they need him not just be the goofball.

I had seen in later interviews they confirmed this is Zari’s brother and that we would see a version of Zari in the future, but one that would not remember her time with Legends or Nate. As I said the relationship came out of nowhere but during the finale I did cry when they were seeing each other for last time.

I know they can do great character development, just look at Mick as an example. Hopefully they figure out how to handle Gary and Mona.

By the way, @JLWWSM I cannot stay up that late to join the Constantine watch along but I have started watching episodes and they’re pretty good. Kinda like side adventures before he joined the Legends and now I see where Astra came from. I wonder if any other show’s loose plot lines from being cancelled were picked up by another show/network like this was.

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The Vandal Savage cameo was a nice surprise. I was expecting them to run into Damien Darhk.

The Legends asking audience members to sing to help revive Nate reminded me of how the audience is asked to clap to save Tinkerbell during a performance of Peter Pan.

Hopefully Gary pulls an Aladdin and wishes Nora free. The fairy godmother situation was amusing at first but can quickly become problematic. I was watching the Legends finale with friends and some of them were already wondering why Gary didn’t just wish them out of various situations or why the Legends didn’t have Gary pass Fairy GodNora to someone else. If Nora isn’t freed, there needs to be a better way to nerf her phenomenal cosmic powers other than the excuse that Gary is dopey or she “just can’t do that”.

Next season the Time Bureau needs to go. Most of the dull parts of this season were the scenes dealing with the bureau. The only way I can see the Bureau being interesting is if there is some storyline where the Bureau transforms into the Time Masters.

Right now the number of characters on the show is too much which is why many episodes had the team split up - oftentimes one group with the Bureau characters and the other group either stuck on the ship or out on an adventure. I agree with Impulse that Gary and Mona were okay in short appearances, but became annoying and even worse started to take air time away from more interesting, better developed characters. For example, Charlie felt under utilized and she easily could have taken Mona’s role as monster encyclopedia. Right now, Gary and Mona could be cut out of the show without impacting it too much. Mona/Wolfie are kind of redundant since the Legends already have an optimistic, cheerful character in Ray and someone prone to aggressive outbursts in Mick. Gary doesn’t really do much of anything except for messing up and serving as either the butt of a joke or a deus ex machina when needed.


@Beagle, I never even thought of that with Charlie being the monster encyclopedia. That would’ve been excellent! She knows them and she’s been where they’ve been. Plus, it would’ve given her more to do because I feel like once they brought in Mona on missions, she got pushed to the side.

Ideally, next season the Time Bureau is either dissolved or the Legends just don’t deal with them anymore. Ava stays aboard the Waverider and Gary and Mona could make maybe one to two appearances during the season. I don’t see that happening, though. I have a feeling we’re going to get more jokes at Gary’s expense and stories grinding to a halt to deal with whatever issue Mona is having.

@superby1 Between Charlie’s experience living with monsters plus actually being one, Constantine’s knowledge of arcane texts as well as encounters during his adventures, and Gideon’s database the team already had more than enough information on monsters without the help of a delivery girl turned zookeeper to a few monsters.
Some might say that Mona humanizes the monsters and shows the team that they aren’t all bad, but once again Charlie already fulfilled this role. The “Legends of To-Meow-Meow” episode made it clear that meeting Charlie is what caused the team to realize there were some good monsters and they shouldn’t kill them all or send them all to hell.
Charlie’s role on the team has been greatly reduced with the addition of Mona to the point where the team quite literally forgets about Charlie in “The Getaway”.

Ava is the only Time Bureau character worth keeping at this point. She has good chemistry with the team, her character isn’t redundant, she has room for growth, and the potential for some interesting stories.
If Ava stayed on the Waverider, it could also give the team a reason to go back to the future since there hasn’t been any episodes set in the future for a while. Perhaps all the future Ava clones go haywire and only Legends Ava can fix the problem or maybe something could happen where the team needs to find the woman the Ava line was based on.

I hope next season, since we know what the general plot is gonna be, they don’t need the time bureau. Send Gary and Mona back there. Have them as moles that Ava is playing chess with to nudge the bureau back on course. Maybe even have Nate added to them after his side quest to find the new Zari ends in heartbreak. Bring back Jax, Firestorm, we know the waverider is gonna need a mechanic. If they could synthesis an formula to separate Martin from Jax they could reverse engineer it to bring him back. Have Gary transfer Nora Faiygodmother to Ray. That would create an interesting character dynamic between Ray & Nora.

And since he’s immortal, bring back Vandel as the associate villain to Astra.

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