Legends of Tomorrow: Egg MacGuffin

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I was so happy of week’s of Mick being pushed to the side to see he had his own story arc this week. Well onto my other thoughts:

  1. Nate’s joke around the mummy of when birds were letters. Classic history nerd Nate
  2. Sarah: new title of relationship expert. I guess last week’s time in purgatory helped her become an expert?
  3. What kind of book has a line of Keep my loved ones in freezer next to the microwave. Um ok
  4. Watching Ray wrestle with his demon self reminded me of the funny movie “Idle Hands”.
  5. Ray and Nate are the best bromance: Time Bros
  6. I like that Mick cates about his author’s image to select the right glasses to complete the look
  7. The movement on the map, Marion, Henry Jones Jr I love all the Indiana Jones references. Even the music evokes the feel
  8. Rebecca Silver: Recluse of Romance
  9. I like that Mick personally responds to fan mail because of the need for human connection. Sniff sniff, he has grown so much
    10, Mick is a sex-positive novelist reinventing feminism who knew?
  10. Gary:intern of the dark arts. And he actually knew about demons describing Ray’s possession to a t
  11. Who is a villain but someone with a Different Point of View. Could be talking about Heat Wave himself
  12. Nate believed Ray was strong enough to beat the demon and then Ray sacrificed himself for his bro, I’m sorry I have something in my eye
  13. I knew from the start that Neron was going to offer Gary his nipple back. The cursed nipple that was sent to hell earlier in season. Who says they do not tie up loose plot lines.
  14. I can understand that everyone treated Gary poorly and I don’t blame him for siding with Neron. However this may be Neron’s downfall as Gary’s help is not always helpful.
  15. Nora: Agent of the Time Bureau
    That’s all for this week. I am glad they wrap stories quickly and move along because I would hate for Rayon to be a secret from the team as they would have kept it going on other shows.
    Until next time stay Legendary!

All Nate had to do was listen to Ray and leave! But nooooo he had to have faith in Ray which led to Ray surrendering himself to the demon.

Gary as a villain will be fun to watch.

Finally Mick has an arc! I hope Mick is somehow the key to this season’s resolution. The Mick / Charlie dynamic is fun. At first I was mad at Mona, but then I was glad Mick got the recognition he deserves.

Nate/Zary still feels meh to me. It’s getting better though.

And so begins…evil-Ray!


Yes but if Nate had left he wouldn’t have been a good friend and who is to say Neron wouldn’t keep going after him. At least with the deal he is safe.
I was sooo happy to see Mick in a story instead of just missing meetings and drinking. Though I find it funny with how sensitive he is getting and saying he wants human connection he still avoids most of team.
Also did I miss something where Natari suddenly liked each other? Before only Zari was acting different and Nate was clueless but this episode it was like come on and kiss already. Seems too fast.
I still like calling him Rayon as combination of Ray and Neron but Evil Ray is ok too. Maybe Death Ray?

My only complaint about the show since we got back is Mona. The character isn’t interesting and the transformation isn’t helping.

On a show where series regulars don’t get enough screen time/storylines, Mona feels unnecessary

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“Death Ray” is the best thing I’ve heard today! That is PERFECT!

Since the season is not over yet, I’m hoping Mona’s standout moment will come in a future episode.

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I hope that moment comes because as of right now, if the character were to leave next season, I’d be totally fine with that. And I hate saying that because the actress is cool, but what they give her is cringe-worthy at points.


I had liked Mona when she first started as she was actually considerate and knowledgeable about the magical creatures she cared for. I also see the reason they included her on legends as a character who is a fan who provides the outside perspective. However I do agree they need to dial her back some as it is too over the top ( saying a lot for this show) but i am willing to give it time to see. There are only a few episodes this season so maybe. I also don’t want to lose screentime to my regular favorites as they already compete as it is.

I agree with both of you. I love the actress who plays Mona. The character of Mona was cool at first, but yeah, the past few episodes haven’t utilized her in a compelling way. We’ll see it how ends at the end of the season. I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it.

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