Legends of Tomorrow: Deus Ex Latrina (Spoilers)

We’re back in the USSR and you don’t know how lucky you are! Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! I feel we are headed for a meltdown, so let’s get going!

  1. AVA Corporation: Providing quality clones since 2214
  2. Assistant Ava…or Suckup Ava?
  3. It is shaped like a boat to ride the waves…so that’s where the name came from…nah.
  4. “It’s not the most efficient use of space.” It is almost like the Waverider was used as a soundstage for a television show.
  5. Section A2 - The only bathroom. All the improvements that Bishop could have done and he left the original design with one bathroom?
  6. Time Master’s duty is to protect the timeline against any threats to its integrity. Well, this would disqualify the Legends for sure.
  7. Excess weight of extra people seemed to throw off the time machine’s landing time. Just like the phone booth in Bill and Ted when they had too many historical dudes.
  8. Prehistoric forest…wasn’t one of the Legends in a prehistoric era when they were split up across different time periods that one season with the Legion of Doom? Ray, I believe.
  9. Are there moving trucks for moving into a spiritual realm?
  10. “Yeah, let’s go stab something.” Therapy for Sara
  11. “I’d love to multitask.” Therapy for Ava
  12. Gideon and her strawberry rhubarb pie.
  13. Evil Gideon originally does not want excessive collateral damage as it greatly impacts the timeline, but then thinks nothing of flying to these different time periods uncloaked.
  14. Ripples in the timestream…more like tsunamis.
  15. “Divine mission”, “There is no fighting God’s will.” This version of John, er Gwyn sounds much more religious and thus spiritual.
  16. Ava asks the question we think of: what does Gideon fabricate the food from? Two words…soylent green
  17. Where are they now? Wait 1925, weren’t we just there? Yup, we were for the past several episodes.
  18. “If Hoover is the problem, Hoover is the solution.” This is why Bishop gets paid the big bucks,
  19. “Clones are still human and humans are still fallible.” Gee, Gideon, Ava is standing right there.
  20. “One of your Ava clones became a Legend and kidnapped you.” OK, maybe you have somewhat of a point.
  21. “It’s alive!” I was wrong, it wasn’t the Terminator, it was Frankenstein’s monster.
  22. “The cure for crime is not the electric chair but the high chair.” Hmm, interesting thoughts from Hoover that were not racist.
  23. Time Mistress Ava
  24. Gideon is outvoted by Bishop and Ava. I am sure she will be OK with that.
  25. “What if their hands were guns?” What, are you little kids drawing supervillains?
  26. “Start thinking outside the computer box.”
  27. I felt bad that Gary could not be Nate’s sounding board this time.
  28. Nate is worried that Zari’s ancestors in the totem will hate him. Typical worry in all romantic relationships.
  29. “That’s what you need to get through the dark times - friends.” Zari had seen great tragedy in her timeline but made it through OK, and then ended up with her family back.
  30. Gideon, mad about her being outvoted, lures Ava into a Cargo bay and “Aliens” her. Or wherever she goes being dropped in the temporal zone.
  31. But if Ava is dropped in the temporal zone won’t this be like the alien pods from last season? Won’t she just appear in another time period, causing more damage to the timeline Gideon is trying to protect?
  32. Anyone else get HAL vibes from the glowing blue orb that is evil Gideon?
  33. “You can’t talk to my brother like that! That’s my job!” spoken like a true sibling.
  34. We finally learn Gwyn’s backstory. Soldier in war, was supposed to deliver message to general, his boyfriend gets killed in front of him, and he can’t complete the mission on time and everyone dies. So sad, and I love how they had Gwyn have a boyfriend fitting in with the diversity and hardships this team has.
  35. It also parallels Zari’s story arc where she came from a war torn future and her entire family died, but through time travel was able to get her family back at the cost of her full time life outside totem.
  36. The pairing up of Sara and Spooner was great! Didn’t think of it before, but they are both hunter types and have that much in common.
  37. “This damn IOU list keeps getting longer and longer.” Yes, it does. Maybe we need a Crisis to wipe it all out and start again.
  38. “That was a phenomenal scream!” And Astra would know as she caused many screams in her time in Hell.
  39. “If I had not pulled that nightshade out of your mouth you’d be dead and your lifeless body would be too heavy to carry.” Ah, Gideon I did not know you cared.
  40. Eating is Gideon’s favorite thing about being human. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie…mmmm
  41. “Eyebrows, belly buttons, nipples.” Almost thought Gideon was going to show Gary hers if he showed her his. Oh, wait.
  42. That’s right, Gary has three nipples. And one was an evil one when he worked for Neron.
  43. For those who were waiting for computer/alien sex scenes, I give you Gideon and Gary the strangest coupling. Then again, they both have not being human in common.
  44. One captain, one AI - Time Master rules
  45. Russians, so probably not in dinosaur times…
  46. “Home? You’re a Time Master now, this is your home.”
  47. Bishop was talking to himself.
  48. “There can only be one me.” um, wasn’t Bishop the one who kept regenerating himself as clones when we first met him?
  49. Bishop’s to-do list sounds crazy when you read it like that: Pay someone to kidnap a superhero and take them to a planet called Pliny X19. Necrians. The Fountain of Imperium.
  50. Bishop comes to realize the Legends are the good guys and they only kidnapped him to try to help him redeem himself.
  51. “Having information about your own future is dangerous.” Or Doc Brown would say “Eh, what the hell.”
  52. “Good day for hunting. Bad day for squirrels.” But if we are to listen to Cousin Eddie, they are high in cholesterol.
  53. “When it comes to my anxiety and wood, wood’s going to lose every time.” Need to find Ava an axe throwing place to take out her aggression.
  54. “My favorite thing about being humans is being with other humans.” Has a nice tone to it, if they had not just um you know…
  55. Behrad reminds Gwyn of how his boyfriend used to be - hopeful
  56. Original Behrad was also a soldier who had to grow up too fast.
  57. “Make the world a better place for people I didn’t even know.”
  58. “Ragtag group of eccentrics” yup that’s the Legends.
  59. “Good news is found parts for time machine. Bad news is it’s 1986, it’s Chernobyl and the meltdown happens tonight.”
  60. Gwyn’s divine mission is to save lives, damn the timeline effects
  61. “Life of a Time Master is one of anonymity, and in some sense, expendability.” SO, are all Time Masters robots then?
  62. Driving stick, a critical skill for time travelers.
  63. “Motorcars of the future” Yeah, 1986 was the pinnacle of the automotive industry.
  64. Aw, the kids are all grown up, and don’t need their moms.
  65. “Squeaking noise means there is an issue with the clutch.” Gideon should be a mechanic, I hear this rrrr, gagrgag sound, do you know what it could be?
  66. “The Legends wreak havoc wherever they go.” Yup
  67. Close proximity to a catastrophic event minimizes timeline ripple. This explanation was so low-key but it makes sense like I have heard it before.
  68. “It does not matter where I go as long as it is with you.” Awwwww all the feels!
  69. “It’s time to prove to me you’re the man I know you are.” First off, man Gideon can get pushy when it comes to the timeline. Second, Bishop does prove he is the man is is meant to be by siding with the Legends.
  70. “I’d rather die with dignity.” OK, the stop running like that. Second, don’t go out on a toilet falling from the sky.
  71. “Is that someone one a toilet?” “Aw, cr@&”
    The way they divided the storytelling between explaining the whole beginning part of the season with Bishop and evil Gideon’s story and parallel with the Legends current story in 1986 was brilliant. IT so quickly resolved the storylines so they can proceed. It does leave me with the question about what happens when the history-bots are supposed to die to maintain the timeline as they are not exactly human. Also, when we saw Bishop get eaten by Mick’s babies, was that robot Bishop and why didn’t we hear metal crunching? Best not to think too hard on these things.
    Bonus 1: The Flash premiered with guest star Ray Palmer. How cool was it to hear about him and Nora living their happy lives away from the Legends and Nora still helping kids all over the world?
    Bonus 2: Chester R Funk going fanboy over Ray and his accomplishments! Plus the feels when Ray started a non profit to help aspiring scientists and named it after Chester’s father.
    Bonus 3: Seeing Ray suit up as the Atom again and doing some amazing fight scenes.
    Bonus 4: “Now I know how Diggle feels.” Had to laugh because Diggle always got sick after going with the Flash and Ray just shrunk Flash in a cool scene!
    Bonus 5: Ray is always a Legend.
    Bonus 6: Anyone else catch the scene where Ray ran off to change into the Atom and opened his shirt all Superman style? Cool Easter Egg.
    Extra helpings of Legends right before the Thanksgiving holiday! As such, my next meeting with you will most likely be in two weeks as I will be enjoying the holiday with my family but never fear I will not forget my Legendary Island of Misfits family here. Until then, stay Legendary!

Evil Gideon is scary

I try not to think anymore on this show. I just watch in awe.

I agree!

This is the strangest coupling on the show so far, and that’s saying a lot cause we had those Mona days… and Mick had a bunch of alien babies. Still Gideon and Gary are weirder than all of that. And I don’t really want to see where it goes. I’m like peaking through one eye at whatever just happened with them. :laughing: I suppose Gideon does fit his strong-woman attraction, except she’s not a woman, she’s a computer… see THIS is why I stopped thinking on this show. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was nice to get more context on the other Waverider. I thought we’d have to wait for later in the season. Also, what they’re doing with Bishop makes me so happy as I was worried when that hundredth episode hit that we’d be doing more of last season. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

Glad to see original Zari. Also, Gary is one lucky dude cause Gideon :heart_eyes:

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