Legends of Tomorrow: DC FanDome Edition

Welcome back ever so briefly my Legendary Island of Misfits! Did any of you see the DC FanDome panel on Legends of Tomorrow? It looks like the most fun show to be on.
Now, while the questions did not reveal too much of the show or what is going to happen, I did have the following thoughts:

  1. It was like a typical episode of LoT: no Mick! While it was nice to see and hear from Gideon, I would have also liked to see Mick in person.
  2. They asked if there were any storylines they threw out or did not pursue. Then I hear the writers say they are always trying to make the others laugh and then they realize sometimes they get too outlandish. Too outlandish? If what we see on television is not too outlandish, I really want to know what they get rid of! That stuff must be completely bonkers!
  3. Loving the quarantine looks of our faves, as Sara had nice pinkish/purplish hair, all the guys had beards (Nate looked like Ed Sheeran to me), and Johnny was dark hair and beard instead of dirty blond and stubble.
  4. Was it just me, or did the actress who played Zari seem a little upset that Zari 2.0 won out?
  5. I loved the comparison of Ava to Lucy, now that they said it, I can’t stop seeing it.
  6. I liked that they all loved the television episode where they switched shows. That was a fun one to watch.
  7. Shatner’s tweet was awesome and humorous. “Jean Luc impression” indeed.
  8. Behrad’s comment that when he first got to set and saw Brandon Routh and told him he was 12 when he saw him as Superman. God that would make me feel old.
  9. Finally, I just feel that they really have fun on this show and it would be a dream of mine to meet the case or even visit the set because it just looks like the best!
    Well that’s all for now. I am still waiting for actual time travel so I can make it to 2021 to see new episodes but until then, stay Legendary!

A lot of things are sure to come based on the panel. Can’t wait!

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I noticed this too. She was very nice about it. But I think she liked 1.0 better. She did have more time with 1.0 anyway.

This panel was great. I know it will be awhile til we see new episodes so it was nice to see the cast together and excited for whatever is to come.

It was so good! I love the cast and it’s become my favorite arrowverse show (I have to watch every week)!

The cast was so cute! Behrad saying how they welcomed him and are actually friends was something you can see on screen.

The writers saying how they enjoy getting to focus on a solo character with Sara being abducted makes me excited and nervous! I really don’t know how next season will go (can we ever?!), and who is this new character they mentioned?

I actually like Zari 2.0 better so I was happy with the change. I didn’t pick up on that and just thought she was nostalgic but maybe?

I was 9 when Superman returns came out so Henry Cavill is more “my” Superman (which I know is very weird for many).

Look Legends of Tomorrow you are amazing. Just want you to keep being comic positive. I mean just keep leaning in hard on that comic book crazy fun you actors pull off so well. Family is looking forward to the next story arch. My youngest Pierce is your biggest fan in the house. Keep being awesome DC.