Legends of Tomorrow: COIE Part Five (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! It has been much too long and I’m glad the universe is still here! I wasn’t sure if I would get much Legendary commentary out of a crisis crossover episode but I got my usual chuckles! Here we go

  1. On the previous part but Sara’s line should be the motto: “My team usually messes things up for the better.”
  2. “Was there a crossover? Did we win? Wait there was a super me?” God I am gonna miss Ray.
  3. Welcome back Beebo! Felt like stay puft marshmallow man here.
  4. Mention of Zari’s brother on team not Zari by way of totem.
  5. “Classic crossover move. We tell them we are too busy and they commit a felony.”
  6. Fan of Mick’s writing wants to know what to call him. “Rebecca is fine.”
  7. Sara telling the bad guy (really how obscure did we go?!?) “Beebo is off limits.”
  8. I really love how Sara took charge of all these heroes. She really deserves to be captain.
  9. Sara losing Oliver was losing last tether to her old life.
  10. She realizes the Legends are her family. Yeah!
  11. Mick’s solution to throw the Anti-Monitor into the sun and Sara defending him as at least trying to help.
  12. Atom verse versus Microverse. Gotta love the geek speak between the two Atoms!
  13. Killer Frost likes Mick’s books. He asks which one because he is prolific. Love it!
  14. “Sparkles”?!? I am going to refer to Black Lightning like that from now on.
  15. The shoutout to George Perez with Perez Landing.
  16. Hey I know that Marv guy…how’d he get into his own creations?
  17. “Throw it like a girl”.
  18. Hall of Justice, Gleek, and Super Friends theme song…someone pinch me!
    Well that’s all for this time. Until next time stay Legendary!

WHOOHOO! The LOT posts are back! Thanks for capturing everything @ImpulseMaxMercury

Me too! What we gonna do without a constant “Ray” of sunshine on the waverider :cry:

It was so funny to watch the other characters try to figure out why and how to fight a giant Beebo while the Legends were like, “let’s take a selfie”. :laughing: And Mick being the one to figure out the whole thing was a diversion for a heist :+1: I love the Legends!

I missed that! Great catch.

Also, Killer Frost read his book! Ha, Go Mick!

I loved that too. She’s had so much practice with leading a group, it’s just natural to her now. Can’t wait to see more of that in future crossovers.

It really wasn’t a bad idea for most situations. :laughing:

My confession: I’ve never watched Super Friends. It’s here on DCU, I have no excuse.

So glad Legends are back!


You’re welcome @JLWWSM! I’m just glad to be back!

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A giant Bebbo!!!

Legends are back b*****s!!!

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I liked that Ray liked it better than atom-verse, but l liked more the comment that there might be copyright or some other legal entanglement about calling it the microverse.


@AntLeon I was thinking the same thing but must have missed the actual copyright comment. Good catch!

@DeSade-acolyte yes they are! Yes they are!

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Although, it would be difficult to copyright “microverse”. The term, while not generally used was applied to the premise of quantum mechanics, in that they behave as a different universe with certain properties not associated with standard quantum theory. Granted these concepts were not generally known to the public at large, but Marvel was not the first to use such a term. Add to that the better known pocket universe concept, and it seems pretty clear the term itself exists in the public domain.

All that said, it was a cute bit on the copyright issue during the scene. (And a bit of a two fingered salute to Marvel about it’s use.)

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