Legends of Tomorrow: Bored on Board Onboard (Spoilers)

I believe it was Mr Rory in the observatory with a Heat Gun. Welcome back, my Legendary Island of Misfits! The game is afoot, so let’s go while I have a clue what I am doing!

  1. “If you put me in heels,I will show you where to stick it!”
  2. Boos before bros, unless they are Time Bros! Like Time Bros better than certain Science Bros from a Marvelous competition.
  3. If the eggs are making your head itchy, Mick, I believe there is treatment for that.
  4. “Cocoa butter.” Not the treatment I was thinking of, but eh.
  5. Beast/Slayers is like if Clue and D&D had a baby.
  6. Love how Ava has the guest list for the wedding divided into groups with rationale. Group C is those we invite but pray do not ever RSVP.
  7. Barry Allen is part of group D, those we do not invite? I mean, what are the chances a supervillain would crash or blow up a wedding…oh yeah, this is comics.
  8. If they cannot use the food fabricator, I nominate Behrad as their personal chef due to his talent for it,.
  9. After John used magic and his hand curled up, all I could think of was Monkey’s Paw.
  10. “Steel is not flexible.” LOL
  11. John, quit hijacking Behrad’s flow.
  12. I like that Sara argues with Ava over the fact that she can’t invite Black Siren, her sister from another universe, while Ava plans to invite her fake parents because memories.
  13. “It’s a dark and stormy night.” I picture Gary sitting on top of a red doghouse typing away…
  14. I love that although they are in the game, you can still hear Gary narrate and make the sound effects.
  15. The writers are still keeping it consistent with the fact that Zari and Behrad don;t drink due to religious beliefs.
  16. Mick does puzzles?
  17. Ava, the detail oriented one, is first one out. Sure that makes her mad (though it then helps Sara become the Black Widow…no not that one…later).
  18. Looks like Spooner is decorating her part of the ship, I did see a flag over her area on the ship in the background (TX flag maybe?)
  19. Spooner wants to shoot something but that’s normal. No character change here
  20. How can Zari 2.0 tell she is feeling extra dramatic today?
  21. I just want to point out how I have been saying for weeks that Kayla would be back and ticked off at Mick for leaving her. Now I thought she would make a good villain on her own, but I see they paired her up with Bishop and then we have Dark John so we are tying everything together for the final battle.
  22. Mick said he was sorry? Love his character growth.
  23. “Males in my species are subservient.” “Of course they are.”
  24. Spooner and Astra trust each other, bowling bonding experience?
  25. “Splitting up is against the cardinal rule of survival.” Exactly don’t they realize they are in a horror movie now?
  26. John, Consumptive Doctor. “I’m your huckleberry.”
  27. The way they kept circling back through rooms reminded me of Scooby Doo.
  28. Now people will ask for the Rory when they go get their hair cut.
  29. Zari 2.0 is in love with John. She can be herself with no pretense around him. Too bad John is now becoming less Dumbledore and more Voldemort.
  30. John vs John fight: stop hitting yourself!
  31. John’s evil side is to blame for sabotaging every relationship and has just grown stronger due to his addiction. Maybe he needs to go to the David Copperfield clinic.
  32. The only one Zari 2.0 cannot handle…mom.
  33. I have got to get Bowie’s “Space Girl” downloaded…even if it means Bishop is back.
    The countdown to the end of the season is upon us. Three more episodes to go. Bishop and Kayla teaming up, John going full on dark, and Mick going to have babies. Let’s go Legends! Until next time, stay Legendary!

Awesome™:+1: episode.

They get trapped in a Mafia game. Exactly how it is with DC Mafia Club is. Blaming everyone with little evidence. Getting into character. And normally getting it wrong a lot :sweat_smile:.

Gary and Mic find Kayla. Get the drive fixed and all is goo so they think. The love touch and Mic with hair was hilarious :joy:.

At the start. Another MK11 cameo. Fun wedding stuff the guest (Barry :sweat_smile:)

The teams trap and not they’re dying left and right. Becoming there characters was fun. John B and Z2 working stuff with C and S live and such. John confronts the darkness was cool.

Now the Z2 knows she stabbed John. And Bishop is Back. Duh duh duh.

What Bishop’s plan? What did Kayla do to Mic? Can John recover? All this and more Same Legendary Time Same Legendary Channel


This was a great line in the episode!

Yeah, things never work out romantically for John, and it’s his own fault. I feel bad for Zari 2.0 though. Looks like she’s gonna get her heart broken unless she can free John from his addiction to magic.

Also, Somebody save Mick!!!


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Getting caught up on Legends… after being at my brothers the past few weeks. He doesn’t have cable and for some odd reason his antenna won’t pick up our local CW affiliate! Anyway, this was a fun episode. Loved the whole idea of being trapped in a Mafia game. And I hope John can get his addiction under control.