Legends of Tomorrow: Bay of Squids (Spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Make love not war, light up a Cuban, and let’s get going!

  1. I really enjoy the cheesy alien music playing during each of these episodes!
  2. Nighttime makeup, AKA no makeup, Zari 2.0 looks just like Zari 1.0.
  3. Um, may be natural, but do not need to hear about Steel…
  4. “Get your butts out here people! We need you on the bridge!” Mick, taking charge
  5. Gideon made Behrad some marijuana candy to help him sleep. Since they are outside time, are they outside the law too?
  6. “Sometimes I wonder if they will ever let me back into Texas.” - Spooner, who I am enjoying more and more
  7. How can you tell its early if there is no time in the temporal zone? Must play havoc on your sleep patterns. Is it constant jet lag?
  8. Rory actually thought of a plan. He got a photo of an alien from some redacted KGB files that were released when Putin was ousted in 2044.
  9. “I know words.” - Mick, after all he is a published novelist.
  10. Did I miss the off-panel scene where Ava wanted Mick to clean up? Was this when she yelled at him in the last episode so he decided to try something different to find his friend?
  11. “It’s a two-click hike through a thick jungle” - Mick seeming to come from Apocalypse Now
  12. “Why don;t we go back an hour to change out of PJ’s?” “We don’t ask those questions.” - explaining how time travel is pretty fluid on this show and we don’t ask about how it should work
  13. Wait?!? There is a Legends buddy system?
  14. They are having issues letting Mick lead. “We’ve had messier missions.” True.
  15. The mission takes place on an island in the Caribbean in 1962, maybe Mick shoulda looked closer at where and when they were going.
  16. I have realized this entire episode was like an episode of House. The team massively screws things up to the brink of nuclear war, then they fix their own mistakes and figure out how to proceed.
  17. Hmmm, letting Rory take point in the middle of a Cold War…when he is freakin Heat Wave!?!
  18. Love love love Nate fanboying over the Kennedy’s and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Of course he wrote his thesis on it.
  19. Behrad is not feeing this mission; he needs some pick me ups.
  20. Returning the missle to the Russians DOES defeat the purpose of stealing even if was to try to put history back on track.
  21. “Asking permission to shoot ourselves out of a sticky situation.” - Mick at least trying to follow chain of command.
  22. Was that a “yes” or “no” grunt? Was it scary that Ava could actually tell the difference?
  23. OK, the other episodes had Spooner complaining about drunk Mick and how they just let him go. This episode she is enjoying the new Mick and liking it better when he lead the mission. So, him changing some of who he was impresses speaks with alien lady. OK…
  24. First rule of going undercover, never use your real name, Nate Heywood.
  25. Didn’t I watch Alien Autopsy years ago on Fox?
  26. OK, question: When they opened the airlock on the alien ship to get rid of Kayla, she was not in a pod but rather just blown out when hit by other pods. So why is she in a pod when she lands here?
  27. Behrad is Che Guevara’s cousin Jay, little lesser known.
  28. LIke the play on words with Bay of Pigs and Squids from Space.
  29. Hey, I want to say it like Pigs in Space from the Muppet Show…SQUIIIDS FROOOM SPAAACE
  30. DARPA developed a serum that can turn flesh to silver, are they creating their own metas?
  31. “Are you a North American spy?” “No, I’m worse, I’m a clone from the future. I snuck onto your base to steal your alien.”
  32. “Strap in dude.” Castro is in for a wild ride with the special “not-Gummy-Bears-at all” candy.
  33. Mick’s conversation with Spooner shows how much he has grown with having a daughter himself.
  34. “I would have killed you if you had not played a song, Jay.” - Fidel, music fan
  35. Cat Stevens and “Peace Train”. Great song. I used to listen all the time to Cat Stevens’ music. “Another Saturday Night and I ain’t got nobody.”
  36. After last episode and now this one, I can see that singing runs in the family.
  37. “We are all humans on this fragile planet.” - Behrad almost saves the day with love, and drugs.
  38. “We forgot Behrad again!” - Seem to need to keep trackers on everyone.
  39. Behrad was super tight with Castro
  40. “Why does Castro have a nuke?” Because we gave to him" “You said no shooting”
  41. “I’ve never seen someone type that fast just using thumbs before.” - Zari showing off her texting skills come in handy
  42. “Screw history, we may lose our only opportunity to find Sara.” I love how Mick is so adamant about finding his friend and fellow original Legend
  43. “Being a goon, killing people. At least we know what I’m good for.” I felt so bad for him. He was doing so well lately in trying to take charge and even change a little, and it seemed he was sad to go back to who he used to be. He has had so much growth over the series.
  44. Mick talks to the alien instead of guns blazing. He tells the alien he will help her find a ship on one condition, he helps him find his friend. Awww, the feels.
  45. General Killgore…wait a minute, didn’t Killgore appear on the Flash recently as one of those dark matter metas? You don’t think he is descended do you?
  46. Seeing Nate get shut down when making a speech is why you only see one inspirational football speech per movie.
  47. Football…in the oval office. Some of those playing really laid the others out and going for blood.
  48. Nate needs to school the general on what “mutually assured destruction” means as a concept.
  49. I laughed so hard at seeing the dud missle land on Killgore just as he was firing at it with his gun.I don’t kno it was just stupid funny.
  50. “Are you sure it is safe to be carrying plutonium around?”
  51. “I’d help her find her ship so she’s helping.” “Do you trust her?” “No, that’s why I have to go alone.” Awww Mick! He doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt so he is making the sacrifice to find Sara.
  52. “If you had listened to any of my orders, we would not be closer to finding Sara.” “Stop saying nice things.” - Mick trying to uphold his reputation here
  53. Awwww, an Ava and Mick hug…sniff sniff
  54. “I hate that I’m a reminder of everything you have lost.” “Now you just remind me of you.” Nate and Zari 2.0 coming to an understanding
  55. “How did you avert nuclear Armageddon?” “Sports analogies.” “Pot gummies” “Very on brand for you.”
  56. “Thanks Mick” they said in that annoyed voice like he just stole their ship to save Sara or something. Oh right he did.
  57. “Where are we going to live?” “Constantine’s house” “He’s going to hate it.” Does his house exist across time and space? Or will they squat there in the 1960s for now? Get lives in the 60’s like the Umbrella Academy did in Season two?
  58. Did Behrad actually call Ava mom because she just said no?
  59. “I was asking if you had anything stronger on board.” - makes me wonder how Gary was going to marry her now that I see her taking a form more like Mick. She can certainly chug a beer, Mick was impressed.
    I am really enjoying the focus on Mick taking charge in the search for his friend. He really has grown so much over the seasons, and it is nice to see him be more of a focus than just day drinking on the Waverider (of course since they are in the temporal zone, it’s always five o’clock). It is helping to lessen the blow of fewer appearances in the next season of the show to finally show his potential. Well, until next time, stay Legendary!

Depends on what state.

He’s very prolific.

It’s timey wimey. Everybody knows that.

“That’s what I thought.”


And Mick seems to have a type.


So as a Mick fan, I was super happy with this episode.

Are they dropping Nate + Zari 2.0 hints or is Nate just thinking about Zari 1.0?

Ava is a total mom, and I love her for it!

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loved this! lol

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