Legends of Tomorrow: Bad Blood (Spoilers)

Ready for a double dose of Legends this week? I am finally caught up to the rest of my Legendary Island of Misfits and ready to share. I just hope we don’t have any bad blood between us for being late, but let’s start the revolution!

  1. I almost thought he was back to his old ways, but then he pulls out a stick of gum out of the cigarette pack. Good job John!
  2. Alestair looks like he could use a touchup. A little bruised and bloody looking from his excursion outside the painting?
  3. John threatens him with desecrating him with bodily fluids. Perfect.
  4. Alestair’s banker is a vampire because of course she is. I ws trying to remember if this is the first vampire on Legends? We sorta had one on Batwoman in season one.
  5. “Spare your immortal life for one. One word and sunshine will turn you to ashes.” Well played John. Reminds me of when on Supernatural they would walk a demon into a trap.
  6. “I’m John Constantine. Clever doesn’t even begin to describe it.” Bad@$$
  7. I got major Three Men and a Baby vibes from seeing a superhero, a totem wearer and an alien named Gary singing a lullaby to baby Gus.
  8. “Did I just invent our next spinoff?” And the meta hits keep coming…
  9. New Zari, actually original Zari, the OZ.
  10. Has Gary ever lost his glasses before? I just realized he has a Clark Kent vibe about him but looks a lot different.
  11. “If I wanted to take care of a baby I would have stayed in Texas and married the first jerk I kissed.” - Spooner with the new girl on ship vibes
  12. “A year in the half in the past, which would be your future, you ceased all contact.” Time travel hurts head sometimes.
  13. OK, let’s see: going to 1939, looking for an occult relic with mystical powers, Nazi Germany is involved. I feel there should be an old Knight telling me he chose poorly.
  14. “I’m Catholic, John.” “Then you’ll understand my attitude towards priests.”
  15. John gives us a whole history lesson between the civil war in Spain, the rich backed by Nazi Germany, the trade unions and democracy, the church. I got the feeling he had actually been there before, as he knew about the olive oil and wine, but it might have been an ancestor?
  16. John would sooner break bread with a bloody demon than with a priest. Yet, he has no issues impersonating one later in the episode. You would think he would chafe or burst into flames.
  17. El Gato survived seven assassination attempts and one crucifixion. If you include when he has been shot later in the episode, this “cat” has used all nine of its lives.
  18. Lita has a point that Mick did not give her mom a warning and she did not know she would get pregnant with Niko, but they are all handling it better than Mick is. Maybe Mick needs to talk to Ahhnold?
  19. Magic donkey with huge udders with magical milk? Does that story fool anyone?
  20. The banter between John and Spooner make them my new favorite team. They both knew who El Gato was, that the old farmer was hiding something in the cellar.
  21. “This man has drunk from an occult relic of great interest to Herr Hitler.” Junior?
  22. “You could say my speciality is fairy tales. The spear of destiny, the loom of fate. I’ve studied them all.” It is like he is going through the Legends’ greatest hits.
  23. Fernando was mute but could telepathically talk with Spooner. Reminded me of Jericho.
  24. I love that although the rest of the team is fighting teenage Gus off screen, we follow Mick and his daughter instead. Major battle does not matter compared to character development.
  25. “In my line of work there is a code, you never leave your partner behind. But I did.” Mick’s a criminal with a heart of gold. Miss you Snart!
  26. “Superheroes like la torero and JSA.” “Less famous, but yeah” A throwback to the JSA being on the show, and a self-deprecating remark about the team. Yeah!
  27. Wonder Twins…activate! Er I mean Tarazi siblings.
  28. “It’s because she loves you, we all do.” “No, that’s debatable.” Ah, Astra.
  29. “Telepathic connection between this child and this virgin.” The look Spooner gives him is priceless.
  30. “You know where I’m from, being normal is being crushed by the boot of capitalism and blaming it on anyone with brown skin. It’s being told that only degenerates can fancy men and women. It’s your old man beating you to a pulp every night because that’s what his old man did to him.” John had been beat down for so long, this is why he needs the power.
  31. “Yes I am the wankiest of all wankers”
  32. “Magic is all about connection. It’s not about the words it’s about the intention.” So all this time he has been sounding fancy when the words matter as much as the points on Whose Line is it Anyways?
  33. She uses the lullaby from the ship. Must be some earworm for her to be able repeat it.
  34. I got the feeling like in a movie or show when they download from a computer but need to rush because of bad guys and it seems to take forever, when I saw the magic transfer.
  35. Reefer Madness - but with dark magic instead?
  36. Perfectly normal to have a headache, what with 48 Necrian eggs rattling around Mr Rory’s skull. The sonagram makes it real with all those little tentacles and everything.
  37. “Tough little guppies.” “They get it from you.” “Their mom was tough too.” “Are those…” “Mine.” Too much sweetness, I’ll enjoy for now as I don’t want to think how they will come out.
  38. “You know for someone who hates church, you sound an awful lot like the Catholic church.” “Full of guilt and self loathing?”
  39. “We’re saved by faith alone.” We learn that not only was Spooner taken by aliens, but her mom too. Deeper understanding of how she isolated herself so no one else got hurt.
  40. Crowley’s painting was snoring…haha
  41. I am going to start calling her Spoons from now on. John and her make great drinking buddies.
  42. John pulled a MIB on Spooner just so he could continue being dark? RuhRoh
    I was so hoping for them not going for the trope of John doing dark magic as many other shows have done before…Legacies, Buffy. I just hope this does not lead to a battle with him as the big bad, and that Kayla makes her triumphant return as a pis@#@ed off frenemy seeking revenge for leaving her. Only time will tell. Until then, stay Legendary!

it’s a legit lead if this were Doom Patrol.

they might make it more about ‘like doing drugs’, that way they can have a victory by way of talking about their feelings.

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