Legends of Tomorrow: Back to the Finale Part II (Spoilers)

Welcome back to last year’s finale my Legendary Island of Misfits! “Meeting your future selves could be catastrophic!!!” Let’s get started because we need to get Back in Time!

  1. First off, let me say I love the titles of the episodes, but none more than this one! It comes from the very best trilogy ever! (yes, even part two which has grown on me over the years)
  2. “You don’t know how many times I’ve stumbled across one of my own dead bodies.” Does he have Mortician Ava take them away?
  3. We already have a Zari 2.0, so why not a Sara 2.0?
  4. “Gideon has said you haven’t eaten.” When Gideon is concerned, you know you need the team’s support. Especially after her sociopathic tendencies lately.
  5. Why are they drinking the Mescal that Behrad just recently said tastes like toilet water?
  6. I just noticed that Matt Ryan (Constantine) is still listed as a Special Appearance. I think he has earned regular status!
  7. “The bugger will survive anything.” Mick certainly cannot be stopped!
  8. “It was great, except for the ear thing.” Mick and the intergalactic hookup
  9. Bishop, for all his talking about how he wants to save humanity, is pretty wasteful in the environment. Killing himself to return without the crunchy broken bone sound seems like you just throw out everything to start anew. Hear of recycling?
  10. Bishop learns of Sara and how much of a warrior she is from Romance Novel covers by some author named Rebecca Silver? So, does this mean Mick is to blame for this?
  11. Photoshop Ava is so much more interesting than Word Ava or Excel Ava.
  12. “You’re going to put millions of me on billions of planets in the galaxy? What are you, 6?” Now I am picturing Bishop drawing up his plan in crayons and stick figures.
  13. “I die like once a year and my girlfriend is a clone.” - Sara
  14. Bishop doesn’t mind burning the clone Sara but he can’t waste good silk from the dress. Priorities.
  15. “Give him some time. Mick is an acquired taste.” That he is.
  16. OK, that must be some thinking weed, because Behrad had a lot of complicated equations on that board and later he sounds so much like a professor. PLus he has to be smart to reference the greatest trilogy ever!
  17. “Where are we?” “Last year’s finale.” “What’s a finale?” “You’ll see, they can be a lot of fun, except for the one where I died.” I laughed so hard at this meta commentary and it only works on this show. I still remember when they referenced a crossover.
  18. I was so worried that if they did stop her abduction, then we would never have Bowie’s “Space Girl” I love that song.
  19. The only other place to hide out is a fireworks factory. That won’t come into play at all right?
  20. Spooner was initially OK with not having met the Legends because she would never have become a fork.
  21. Behrad what time is it? “Smoke O’Clock.”
  22. “Sara your sister and dad called.
    Are they even alive in this timeline?” Good point Behrad, but we no longer have Arrow so…
  23. The ring Sara was going to propose with was her mom’s.
  24. Awwww, Mick and Sara’s reunion was precious!
  25. “Redundancy is Bishop’s religion.” Makes sense that someone who makes multiple Ava clones always has backups to backups. He is like the ultimate IT guy.
  26. “Thank you for finding me.” “The ship sucked without you.” The original Legends back together again!
  27. “There is a 20 minute window when we were out of picture. More like generous 10. 15, make that 8.” Zari and John debating about his, um other skills.
  28. “You and those shake weights. Cisco right?” Only Legends would have in their finale big bad fight the use of Thong Song and shake weights.
  29. When Ava started going “lalalala” so she could not hear about the future, it reminded so much of Doc Brown in the first Back to the Future not wanting to know too much about his future.
  30. “Where am I? Nowhere which is why I know this is a terrible idea.” They tip Ava off because the voice of reason is missing from the mission.
  31. I initially felt bad when Ava confiscated their drinks, but then realized I would probably drink a lot if I worked with the Legends too.
  32. “This is just your pain cycle speaking.
    Look past your rage.” I will not miss Bishop’s philosophies.
  33. “Concern-uties” In the next edition of Merriam Webster.
  34. Behrad had Gideon do a reverse trajectory to determine where the ship would be when aliens were scattered across the timeline. That must be some powerful thinking weed because he sounds so smart.
  35. A mannequin? No an exploding mannequin. OK I take back item 34 above.
  36. “Crazy is the word people use when they’re afraid of what you’re capable of.” Sara wisdom number 1.
  37. “Don’t go at it alone.”
    “What if I hurt them?” “What if they help you?” - Sara wisdom number 2.
  38. “I’ve been so many different people in my life that I’m worried that this version of me might just be a phase. I’d get a lifetime of the woman I love but I can’t promise shell get the same in return.” No, Sara you and Ava are destined to be together!
  39. Ava may be perfect the way she is, but she needs to learn how to dance!
  40. “Man of steel, intestines of Playdoh.” This needs to go on the next DCEU marketing campaign.
  41. Gotta love the Snake Plissken look to alternate timeline Nate.
  42. Aliens take over Wall Street, makes the stock exchange sound more interesting. Also, I would want to see him go undercover as Constantine to join a magic cult. Please!
  43. “Ugh, those idiots are trying to save me. They’re going to destroy the timeline if I don’t get back there soon.” This is why she is the captain.
  44. Bishop has joined the cloud so he can be everywhere he needs to be. Also, is this the first time Mick has killed someone with his heat gun in a long time?
  45. Three minutes for Bishop to upload or ten minutes to clone Sara alien-free. It really is Sophie’s Choice here.
  46. “You can’t see it, I’m damaged.” “Damaged? No.”
  47. Excuse me for a moment while I get some tissues. Must be some pollen in the air or something.
  48. “I see someone who’s been through hell but never stopped being herself. I see Captain Lance. I see Sara, my oldest friend. I need you. Please.”
  49. sniff…sniff…just give me a moment here…
  50. I am so glad this season has really showcased what we all love about Mick. This has probably been one of his strongest seasons and his dialogue has been spot on showing such emotional growth. He did this all for his friend.
  51. “We’re a group of trained warriors, medics, engineers and gourmet chefs.” Don’t forget Photoshoppers!
  52. “Those dirt rats were scratching up my finish, so I had to get her off the ground.” Kayla didn’t leave them, just did not want them to mess up her car…er ship. I feel like there should be a manure truck around somewhere…
  53. Mick did not want to leave without Kayla, but had to make the tough decision to do so to save the rest of his friends.
  54. So they retcon that Behrad distracted Sara enough to have her abducted while no one else noticed? It was nice (in Astra’s unique comforting style) for her to acknowledge it was his fault, but then he would always wonder what would have happened if he didn’t try to save her.
  55. “Legends never die.” Except for Captain Cold. I am pretty sure the original one is still dead. Oh and Martin Stein…OK, now I am going to cry again.
  56. Ava worried that by turning around Sara would disappear.
  57. Love that Mick knows they need alone time, so he keeps Gary from seeing Ava.
  58. Mick finally gets the recognition for a job well done. He never lost focus on finding his dear friend and returning her to the woman she loves. About damn time!
  59. It’s a good thing that magicless Constantine has a superhero girlfriend.
  60. “When I was up there in space, floating further and further away I realized something. No matter where I go or when I am, I will never be lost because I have you. You are my North Star, my guiding light, and wherever you lead me, that’s my home.” sniff…sniff…bawllllll!!!
  61. Of course there are fireworks when they kiss!
  62. Big bad is destroyed, check. Sara is reunited with her family, check. Big wedding proposal to end season on, check. Well I guess that is all for this seas…what do you mean? This was only episode 7 of the season? There are 8 more to go? It did feel like a finale to me, like we returned Back to the Finale!
    I hope the Waverider is fueled up with 1.21 gigawatts for the next adventure next week. Hey does this mean that Bishop was Biff Tannen? Anyways, thanks for putting up with my fanboying over Back to the Future references this week. Until next time, stay Legendary!
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Alternate Snake Nate cracked me up


Poor Mick! Maybe Mona? She wrote under Rebecca Silver too, or maybe I’m misremembering that.


RIP :cry:

I loved this so much! It’s soooo Ava :laughing:

I think we might see more of Kayla in the future.


Alternate Nate was the funniest part of this episode for me. Loved it!


You’re right! She did take over for Mick so maybe it’s her fault. That would make me feel better


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Or his successor.

Mick already admitted to “I miss my friend”.

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