Legends of Tomorrow: A Head of her Time (spoilers)

Welcome back my Legendary Island of Misfits! Let’s get started before I lose my head over that ending!

  1. “Being an apprentice means never having to say sorry I let you get killed by a poltergeist.” I’m glad they kept Gary.
  2. When Nat’s ghost comes out at Gary and Charlie anyone else get deja vu of the scene in Ghostbusters when the librarian swoops down at them?
  3. I like the stealthy nature of Sara : “old assassin habits die hard.”
  4. I like the phrase “Woman the ship.” Sounds right.
  5. Ava’s superhero name is Captain Pantsuit
  6. The guilt John has that to bring his love back, the price was Astra going to hell.
  7. Does Red Lobster know cheddar biscuits will be gone in 2024?!??
  8. Never use future for personal gain…hmm where did I hear that? I’ll look it up in my sports almanac.
  9. Mick: “ Crush? Is that when you take a whiz and it hurts?” So cute!
  10. Gideon:”. Scan shows you like like her”. Doesn’t sound scientific to me.
  11. Star City: was this when Sara went to Oliver’s funeral or when she went to future to talk to Mia?
  12. ALOHA assess listen observe hydrate attack and it works!
  13. Fox knows many things, hedgehog knows one big thing, we’re like foxes. Though I believe more like a foxy hedgehog
  14. Ava doing a Sara thing: stop looking so les miserable because we are going to a France.
  15. Nate knew they were going to a time where dressing up could get you killed because he is a sucker for a corset an an updo.
  16. Napoleon getting freaky. I am now dying for a Bill and Ted/Legends crossover
  17. Behrad swapping crepe recipes with a French legend.
  18. Am I the only one to notice cake is Beebo blue?
  19. Quite the track record: one lover sent to hell and other a ghost
  20. John brought Nat back to prove he was right for choosing magic over them. Then she kills self when Astra taken. Poor John
  21. Corsets are so impractical!
  22. Zara’s social celebrity helped on a case.
  23. Cowls are for middle aged women who want to hide their necks. Does Batman know?
  24. I am going to start calling Gideon Gidget
  25. MTV movie awards are still around in 2044?
  26. I think DJ S’more is really Vandal Savage and this was the tipping point for his villainy.
  27. I really want to know what Mick stole from Mexico.
  28. It wouldn’t be a true legends mission unless something went wrong
  29. Here body body body
  30. I like that Ava maced Nate with perfume.
  31. A legend never gets left behind even an interim one
  32. Loved Nate punching out Vandal…um I mean DJSmores
  33. How do you schedule a divorce before a marriage?
  34. Wow Charlie broke the loom of fate and scattered across the multiverse. Now she senses something changed which is why she ran. Hmmm nice tie into crossover
  35. Zari in plaid eating a donut… so close yet so far
  36. Millions of followers but zero friends. No you have one friend. Awww!
  37. Finally, Ten years for lung cancer to get him…now changed to zero. Um what?!? Nooooo!!!
    Well that’s all for this time I’m still shaken by the ending.
    Hey check out my interpretation of the LoT season poster on @DCFanArtClub run by @CynicalPink! I hope you enjoy my hard work and check out the club it’s a lot of fun!
    Until next time stay Legendary.


Find the hilarious poster Impulse mentioned over at this link:


I’m really liking this season of Legends so far. There’s something a bit different that I just can’t put my hands on… the humor seems more clever, and the pace a bit quicker. I don’t know what it is, but I’m really digging it.

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@CynicalPink thanks for the link! I wasn’t sure how to do it. I did want to steer people to your DC Fan Art page to maybe enlist some other artists as well because I had so much fun doing my part!
I do like that I can flip between the original and my drawing and seeing how close I matched. I did better than I thought!

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@moro I have loved this show from the start but you are right that this season they seemed to have settled into their groove. I think the time bureau last season slowed it down and Mona was not my favorite so I am glad they are focused on their core group again.


The effort you put into all the details really shows! And no worry about the link. I’m still figuring out how things work around here, too. :sweat_smile:

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Truly a great line.

The usage is perfect. Gideon is as much a part of the crew as anyone

I presume all the flashes of the pre heyworld timeline are going to eventually get Zari and Nate back together. I guess we have different takeaways?

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@AntLeon the writers on this show come up some good and clever lines.
Also I agree they are working to get Zari and Nate back together. As I’ve mentioned before, when they first introduced this relationship I felt it was forced and came out of nowhere. But then it grew on me and I liked it in time for it to be erased. I just like that as different as they made Zari, they are working her back to original personality. Plaid clothes, donuts, hacking skills. Timeline is trying to right itself, as long as Behrad stays as I have liked him from start which is an accomplishment when they replace a beloved character with another.

Original Zari’s goal was to bring back her brother. The final flash should be the Gideon induced repeating dream that led to Sara agreeing to help Zari change her past.

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The show has a much better pace without the Time Bureau bogging things down.

Also getting rid of Mona seems to have helped too. She didn’t seem to have much chemistry with the rest of the team, and her role as monster expert/sympathetic monster character was redundant since they already had Charlie.


The last two episodes have definitely felt like Legends is back. :slight_smile: I’m hoping Behrad stays, he’s been growing on me.


Oh, my Legends - the show I always look forward to!

I think so, it makes sense.

This is so Ava (also, it’s so ME :laughing: I’d probably make up something like that too :woman_facepalming:)

Yes. Yes they are. I’m so glad that’s not a thing anymore, for the most part.


I think that award show will only go down when MTV goes down. I don’t remember they last time I saw it. I must’ve been teenager, so that was a long time ago.

I loved it! Great job!

Overall, I liked the previous episode more, but I agree that the show has a better grove without the Bureau and less of Mona’s monster drama.

I loved Courtney Ford’s (Nora’s) performance of Marie Antoinette. She was fantastic. I was completely drawn in. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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woman the ship, aka sexism thats being celebrated by the unintelligent masses.