Legends of the Superheroes special (from 1979)

Has anyone attempted watching this 2-part 1979 variety show that is in the specials section. I was only 6 years old when this apparently aired originally and never heard of it. But wow, I watched about half the 1st episode and it’s barely watchable. I think it was filmed as a live special back then and it looks super low budget. The acting is really bad, especially from Adam West and Burt Ward. West’s Batman costume looks really bad. His mask is not even securely fastened on his head.

Very cheesy special. Just curious if anyone tried streaming it here. I may have to make the time to finish it just to see how bad it is.


Ghetto Man…

It’s from 1960s what did you expect? I’ll have to give that a shot sounds interesting, never seen it.

It’s not from the 60s. It’s from 1979. It’s a Hanna-Barbera production that was intended to be a live-action special for the kiddies. I’m old enough to remember seeing it when it aired.

I watched the first five minutes or so. I couldn’t continue, but I really want to see how the train wrecks.

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I watched it all because I have was curious to see it for so many years and never found it.

It is a train wreck but also fun and funny if not taken seriously likely was never supposed to.

Maybe being a Super Friends and 60’s Batman helped.

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I did, it was bad. So bad. To be fair cheesy TV specials like that aired on network TV all the time, it was a different era. When there were only three networks, some people didn’t have all three and best case scenario someone had 3 networks, a christian channel, PBS and 1 to a few UHF channels… and that is if you had good enough reception to view them all… VHS tapes were expensive and most didn’t have it, no cable, no home video games with cinematic quality stories, no streaming services… and well… people tended to not be as picky on what they watched and just wanted the best of the few choices that were on. I was too young to remember this, but sat through plenty of horrible TV specials in the 80’s.

But yeah, I don’t know it ever did good but it has not aged well and even in a “so bad it’s good” factor but it is kind of cool they added it.

It is such a product of it’s time and a real showcase for those of us who wish we could time travel to enjoy the funky 70’s. It’s enjoyable in a train wreck kind of way. Also, Frank Gorshin once again chews every scene he is in, especially when he psychoanalyzes Shazam/Captain Marvel. We’ve come a long way and it makes one appreciate the DCEU…barely.