Legends is Dope!!!

Some of you are grumpy because of Legends’ whacky tone. Well…boo hoo. I like the show because it is absolutely crazy and is fun too watch.

The rest of the Arrowverse is for those who need Point A to Point B to Point C writing…you know…connecting the dots for those who need to be guided through a story as they were taught to do since kindergarten.

Legends is zany and sometimes not written in a linear way. I don’t blame the naysayers…I blame the school systems for letting America down.

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I love the Legends too, but if the “naysayers” don’t like it, it doesn’t mean the “school system” let them down.

People have preferences and that’s fine. The wackiness of LOT is not for everyone.


You like it…well good for you! I don’t like it because it’s just not my style but I don’t critique people for liking it and having a sense of humor while I don’t have one at that level.

Don’t go blaming school systems for some bull shit like not liking wackiness! Like it or not it is what is and that’s that.

Oh and you mean" Legends is Dope…IMO"


I blame the school system for a lot of things, but Legends isn’s one of them. No, I blame Legends lameness on its creators.

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Legends is good I guess not everyone will like everything and that is OK I’m sure not everyone likes supergirl

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