Legendary Aquaman Writer Steve Skeates Has Passed Away At Age 80

In addition to his legendary work on Aquaman, he also wrote a plethora of great Bronze Age DC horror titles, Hawk andDove, Plastic Man and even the low key crossover between Aquaman #56 and Sub-Mariner #72.

Rest in Peace Good Sir! :00_aquaman:


Simply put: Steve wrote the greatest Aquaman story ever told–“The Search for Mera” (Aquaman #'s 40-48). All these years later it is still one of my all-time favorites. At nine issues it was one of the first “long-form” stories of that era, predating “The Avengers: Kree/Skrull War” by three years! Steve Skeates and his co-creator, Jim Aparo on art, were breaking new ground with this seminal epic story.
With Aquaman being a bi-monthly publication in those days, it meant waiting two months between each fantastic issue. It drove me nuts as a twelve year-old! But I eagerly hunted down each new issue as they appeared, and knew I was reading something special.
Thank you, Steve. You gave a young boy treasured memories.
May you rest in peace.


One of the first comics i ever remember reading was an issue of Aquaman, so Steve Skeates was one of the first comic book writers i was exposed to. I don’t think anyone ever wrote Aquaman as well as he did.


Steve Skeates Aquaman is definitely a classic. My condolences to his friends and family.


This is so sad. :sob: I have been reading Aquaman comics since I was a little kid, so I read a lot of his work. We are lucky that he left behind such amazing work that we can all enjoy.