Left to Watch

In an effort to consolidate what people are interested in watching to help when content is removed, what does everybody have left that they want to watch or are currently watching?

There are some threads for watch-alongs, but just like a train station, if we have a local “hub” for everyone to list what they want to watch, then people can set up “trains” (watch-alongs”) for that particular series/movie.

I’m trying to catch up on young justice, I’m still on season 1.

I also have other movies to watch, I really want to watch the batman movies, I watched them when i wad younger but forgot everything.
But other than that for me I still have a lot to explore.

or they could just like, put everything that they don’t currently have leased out to other streaming services/networks. The sheer fact that there was twice as much content on this site when I signed up at the start of the month than there is now makes me not want to renew. It weakens the confidence that people have in the service when every time they log in there is less content, EVEN IF they had no intention of viewing the missing content, the fact that it isn’t there anymore makes it seem like the service is in trouble. Frankly I will be unsubbing at the end of the month, and only resubbing when there is new YJ:O content, since they’ve shown they can’t be relied on for anything that isn’t “New original content” (IE YJ:O or Titans) How am I supposed to comfortably watch any of the shows on this site, when any day now I could come back and the show could just be gone. It’s worse than Netflix even, where Netflix only makes changes at the start/end of a month, and releases a list beforehand of what is coming/going, this has just been thing randomly vanishing with no warning. Also, the reason Netflix removes things is because their license ran out, so unless every single show they removed from this site in the last 2 weeks has been licensed out to other networks/streaming services they have no excuse. Even if that were the case, removing content from your own site to license it out screams of “We are failing and can’t afford to support ourselves” which again is bad for customer confidence.

There are certain core tv series that, if removed, would cause, extreme problems with the community

Batman the Animated Series
Superman the Animated Series
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited

Teen Titans
Young. Justice

Wonder Woman
Lois and Clark
Adventures of Superman

Birds of. Prey
Human Target

Static Shock
Legion of Super Heroes

Super Friends, etc.

Different people would put them in different orders of popularity. Partially based on nostalgia. They form a large part of the core of our childhood and early fandom.

They are often suggested as how to start gaining knowledge of the DC Universe.

They are beloved, and have many episodes, which would make it very hard to watch them all in a short period of time of removal were ever given.

Except for the first four, it is unlikely we have DVDs of shows.

DC Universe should commit to never remove these shows. If they are considering it, they should tell us which are vulnerable , now.

The removal of comics and movies, with little or no warning, has caused many to lose trust of DC Universe. Knowing these tv shows are safe, would help a lot.

Many of these shows we will be watching slowly, due to New comics and movies coming in and other comics and movies being removed in a short period of time.

Don’t rely on metrics on Tv shows, when you are considering removing content from this site.

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It would be nice to have a calendar, or something like it, where hosts can schedule Watch Alongs in advance and the community could have visibility to it, and plan for it.

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