Leaked Concept Art for a Cancelled Batman: Arkham Knight Sequel

Apparently, this would have taken place ten years after the events of Arkham Knight, with Damian Wayne as the new Batman with Bruce as his mentor, and would have featured the likes of Gorilla Grodd, a new Black Mask and Poison Ivy, and Two Face as “the Judge.” It was also going to have a nemesis system similar to the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor series.

While it sounds like there is still some cool superhero games coming from both WB Montreal and Rocksteady, I would have so loved to have played this game.


Looks really dope and I like the bat bike idea

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I saw it looked really cool. A bit mad it got cancelled but what you gonna do?

Can’t wait to see what they’ve been planning.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure at this point, especially after Borderlands 3 was officially announced, a Batman Court of Owls game by WB Montreal is the most open-kept secret in video games right now.

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It’s a shame this got cancelled, but considering we weren’t going to get Terry McGinnus, but rather Damian Wayne was going to take up the mantle in a futuristic Gotham with Old Man Bruce as his mentor, it’s also a shame this wasn’t going to be a Batman Beyond game. Either way, I hope we’ll get our proper Arkham Knight successor soon enough.

Here’s an Imgur link with some concept art:

I would love to see this epsically with some cliff hangers like what happened to Man-Bats wife or is Talia really dead or did Harley really have Jokers baby

This would have been interesting to see.

Wasn’t Poison Ivy dead

I’m not certain court of the owls is next. The idea it is widely known about isnt likely considering the source of the news.

@Namio – the question about Harley having the kid is answered in the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC of Arkham City, where their office in the Steel Mill is littered with pregnancy test strips with negative results. People have theorized that she might have miscarried during the events of Arkham City, but the game itself hints that the first test was a false positive.

@Montyotho – Ivy did die in Knight, though I would assume that the lady here would have been a new character taking up Pamala’s legacy.

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OR Ivy somehow reconstituted herself like Alec Holland(ish). That would have been neat, a more inhuman Ivy.

I want to play this :tired_face:

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I’d rather they do Batman Beyond instead.