:superman: League of Super-Pets Discussion Thread (Now Playing/Spoilers Allowed) :ttns_gif_krypto:

As Triumph The Insult Comic Dog would say “Yeah…for me to poop on!” :grin:

I like Stuckmann’s reviews because unlike 99% of the “experts” who talk movies on YouTube, he isn’t an annoying jackass. He’s humble, fun, knows his stuff and he has a burgeoning filmmaking career, which I will absolutely be following as I wish him the best.

I’ll check the “all of them” box. :wink:

Sequel. :sunglasses:


Ohhhh, Jumpa is a character, I thought it was a typo, haha!

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I really enjoyed this movie!!! What did surprise me though is how the envelope was pushed in a PG movie, I mean they bleeped heavy cursing and allowed soft ones.

The Black Adam and his dog post-credit scene was hilarious!!!


He’s arguably a jackass. He made a Big Deal out of his statement that he would no longer review movies, because now he’s a filmaker himself, and - what a shock - is back reviewing because he makes youtube $$ off of it. Also, his smiley face/frowny face/deep thought face selfies on each review seem bufoonish


I saw a few of his reviews when he was with Channel Awesome, and I just found them boring.


Very hard agree to disagree. He knows his stuff, filmmaking and is always humble. Qualities that the most ardent “movie geeks” on YouTube are in very, very, short supply of.

In truth, he said he would stop reviewing movies he doesn’t like, not movies in general.

I will admit that a cessation of reviews for movies he doesn’t like is a little goofy. I mean, yeah, you’re a professional in the industry now, but…so what?

That doesn’t mean you have to stop talking about movies you think suck and/or are pure :poop:. If anything, that means you should talk about them more, so that any future work colleagues can get wind of what you thought of their work and say “Huh, you know what? Stuckmann made good points.”

When I worked in the theatrical exhibition industry a few years back and interacted with studio personnel about current and upcoming product, did I hesitate to say something fell short and was disappointing?

Absolutely not.

I utilized professional tact of course, but I never hesitated in telling someone from Studio A that “Your big summer movie fell short, sadly.”, among other tactful, level-headed reactions that painted their output in a less than favorable way. They need to hear honest reactions, not 24/7 brown-nosing ass-kissery.

Anyway…Stuckmann should absolutely go back to reviewing movies he doesn’t like, because as good as he is at reviewing good movies, he’s even better at ripping into crap that deserves a good ripping.


Caught the movie Tuesday afternoon, and I absolutely loved it!

It was tremendously fun and had many a fun Easter egg. Some of my favorites were:

  • Lois talking about Mxyzptlk (per her saying “Said his name backwards.” as Superman and Krypto meet up with her at the park).

  • Fleischerfish.

  • Big Belly Burger. Not really an Easter egg, because its right in front of the camera in some scenes, but a nod to BBB is always fun. I would have grinned ear to ear if the Whitty Banter marquee was visible.

I really dug the design for Metropolis, especially LexCorp Tower and how “Lex” was emblazoned across it. Points to Marc Maron for playing Lex as a grubby, scheming jag-off that was fun to hate.

My favorite scene was the introduction of the Justice League. Besides debuting to what sounded like a Sturgill Simpson song that I can’t quite point to offhand, their individual intros were a ton of fun, especially for the characters whose logos were taken right from the comics! :hugs:

I really hope we get a sequel, because there’s a lot than can be mined for further stories in the Super Pets DCU.

Also: Whiskers was awesome. “See you in heck!” :joy:

Also, also: Kate McKinnon’s Lulu should be on a list of great DC movie villains. She was suitably menacing, but funny as well.

In comparing LOSP to The Batman (i.e. the DC-related big screen output this year, so far), I’d say The Batman maintains an edge in terms of filmmaking, but LOSP is awfully close. It was well-written, well-paced and it featured an entertaining story populated by well-developed characters.

As far as which movie was more entertaining? LOSP, hands-down, no question about it. It does justice to its source material while also being a fun and innovative movie that anyone, no matter their level of DC knowledge, can jump right into.

The Black Adam stuff at the very end was fun, too. My friend and I were the only people in the audience (of about 30, or so) who stuck around for the credits (as we always do) and the scene was worth it.


There was a Mxyzptlk reference?! Aw, man, I missed it! Also a Big Belly Burger one?! Damn!


League of Super-Pets is somehow in even more theaters this week than last week. Minions is in 400 fewer theaters, but won’t be hard to find in theaters by any means. Lightyear and Paws of Fury will be scarce. Super-Pets is basically hoping for a box office projectory like The Bad Guys had a few months ago. It will definitely be earning more during the weekdays than the Bad Guys was in April, but we could use a good second weekend. Bad Guys only dropped 32% in its 2nd weekend, which will be tough to match.

Bullet Train, this weekend’s big release, is getting poor reviews, certainly not as good as Super-pets. If Bullet Train does poorly at the box office, that creates a chance that Super-Pets could be the #1 film again next weekend, when there’s no huge movie in release.


All the more reason to see it again. :wink:

Another reason to see the flick again. :superman_hv_4:

Big Belly’s visible during the Justice League scenes in Metropolis. Keep an eye on the background and you’ll see it, especially in scenes where the camera pans right in street-level shots.

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Wanna see this movie so bad! But with Covid getting bad again and Monkeypox being a thing now i’m afraid to go to the theaters.

On the bright side though it should theoretically be on HBOMAX in September and on home video in October. So looking forward to seeing it later this year.


Indeed. 45 days from its theatrical debut, so around the second weekend of September, or so.


Haha! Good idea!



One prediction for this weekend’s take was 13 million, which assumed it would only lose 1/3 of the first weekend’s audience. Another prediction was that it’d make 9 million and come in behind Nope for second place this week, which would have pegged Super-Pets as a flop.

It came in between the two predictions, with 11 million, getting second place behind Bullet Train. Not what the studio was hoping for. However, what it is earning per theater, even in it’s current insanely-wide release, is still better than everything except Bullet Train and Nope. So it remains a better income generator than Thor, Minions, Top Gun. So it should stay in “wide” release through the rest of the month.

It may not turn a profit and there will probably be no sequels. Whether the amount spent on the high-caliber voice cast paid off, who knows. Having Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart plugging it on Twitter didn’t seem to be effictive for this type of movie.

But I would say the final product certainly met our needs.


Hard to say, right now. If the home video and merchandising revenue is sufficient, in addition to whatever the final box office tally is when it closes, WB would likely green light a sequel.

Proving that its not critics, website aggregates and other stuff, but what the audience thought of the movie and they seem to like it just fine.

I imagine as time goes on, the movie will have sustainable legs and hopefully be an evergreen favorite, among not just kids, but kids at heart as well.

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It, and every other DC production coming out in the next year, needed it to get positive reviews, which it did for the most part. The A- Cinemascore from opening weekend audiences, which is an aggregate, it also needed. But I would agree that my personal enjoyment is what carried the most influence :smiley:

Well put!


However I apologize if me constantly throwing out statistics wasn’t what was intended for this thread


In the words of Shiwan Khan, from 1994’s The Shadow, “Why, thank you.”

No problemo! I don’t mind the stats, as they’re interesting, and do paint a picture of the movie’s in-theater performance, which contributes to discussion of the flick. :+1:t2: