:ttns_gif_krypto2: :superman: League of Super-Pets | 9/29 | 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern 🐢 :00_flash:

The wait is over, for League of Super-Pets is on HBO Max as of September 26th! :partying_face:

However, I’m willing to bet you’re the patient sort, and that you’d like to join the fun with your DCUI pals in just a few days after the 26th.

Right? Bueller? Frye? Anyone?

Of course you’re patient, and of course you like to kick it with your DCUI pals! :champagne: :confetti_ball: :tada:

Here’s what to anticipate with your homies/budskis/pals as we watch a tremendously fun flick starring wicked-rad animals that know how to kick some butt in the dynamic DC direction!

What: League of Super-Pets.

When: September 29th, starting at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern.

Where: In this thread, and at the above date and time. :point_up:t2:

Why: Because League of Super-Pets is tremendously entertaining, and watching it with your DCUI pals makes a rad movie all the better!

How: League of Super-Pets is available for rental/purchase on digital formats (physical editions release 10/4), while streaming on HBO Max. However you choose to join in the fun, please be ready to go when the Start Clock rings.

That’s the happs @DC-TV-And-Movie-Club, and everyone else who would like to join in the fun of checking out 2022’s most fun DC movie yet, while in the company of your DCUI friends!

Bring your Krypto Cookies, Ace Cakes, Snooby Snacks and more, as the DC TV and Movie Club will see you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: on September 29th! :superman_hv_4:


Thank you. We enterprising and highly-ambitious Kryptonians (especially of the Gotham-born variety :superman_hv_4: :batparrot:) tend to plan well in-advance, you know. :sunglasses:

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Boo-yah! :0_cyborg:

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Eh, that’s cool. The thread will be here and ready for updated deets when they become available. :slight_smile:

Also: We could always do a BYOM (bring your own movie) WAL when it debuts for purchase/rental, as those have performed well in the past.

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Look forward to t.


Yay, @RexRebel is back! :partying_face:

I hope you’re feeling better and better with each day, good sir. :hugs:


As @Vroom mentioned, yay! You are back, @RexRebel. Hope you are feeling better and hope you keep trending on the up!


Much better, still have home rehab to go to get my endurance back, but getting stronger every day.


Yes! :muscle:t2:

We’re pulling for you friend, so good luck! I know you’ll be up and kicking butt in no
time. :blush: