League of Comic Geeks Stats

Share your league of comic geeks stats if you use the app


never heard of it, but now im gonna have to get it


I’m not familiar with the game but I’ll look it up. Thanks for the heads up! :+1:


It’s a great app to track your comics and see what’s coming out


Signed up for it but I need to spend some time to figure it out. I added some comics to my pull list but they don’t show up on my pull list so I am doing something wrong.


Did you subscribe to the series?


Good news! I am starting to figure it out. :grin:

My username is silly but all my other choices were already taken.

I am going to put all of my physical collection in, but it is a daunting task to add all the comics I have read since I estimate it is over 20,000 (around 2,000 online per year since 2011, not counting physical issues I’ve read since the 70’s).

It will be nice to be able to see what new comics are coming out based on my interests. I still physically collect Conan, Red Sonja, Knights of the Dinner table, Groo, and a few others here and there.

And just like that @Lana79 started a new obsession for me. :laughing:


Just finished cataloging all my DC books, I’ll do the Marvel ones another time.

Here’s my top 20 characters in books I own,

And here’s top 20 in characters read.


I entered all of my comic collection. There were a fair number that were not on the site, mostly Kickstarter or small press books.

I decided years ago to only collect certain books, mostly Conan, Red Sonja, Groo, and Knights of the Dinner Table.

I was surprised at how many Batman graphic novels I have. It is also funny to see Indiana Jones in the top ten. I have the entire original Marvel run.

Red Sonja has Marvel and Dynamite issues, so that is why she is on there twice.

None of the characters from Knights of the Dinner Table are listed. The main characters have been in over 300 issues each.

I am missing two issues of Knights, but all the others I have complete runs for.

So this was an eye-opener. I knew my old Conans were worth a bit, but not Harley Quinn or Dark Knight. Figured they printed massive amounts of each.

Glad I bought these back when they were a lot cheaper.

So this blew my mind. I didn’t realise I had that many books or that I paid that much for them. This is over the course of 35 years of collecting but still that is a bit of a shock.

I am heading to the comic store today for my picks, so that should bring this over 20k. :grin: :exploding_head:


Finally finished cataloging all my books, my dad’s collection is included in this list hence why there’s so many Spider-Man books.

Here’s comics I own,

And here’s comics I’ve read.


I am number 1!


Nice! I’ve been trying to add some stuff I forgot to log but so far there hasn’t been any major changes to my stats


Haven’t completely finished logging in everything, but I’m almost there

I’m in the same boat but with X-men lol. My top 20 read characters list looks different (of everything I could remember to log in)