Lazarus pit treatment for Jason Todd

I hope Jason Todd gets killed off so he can make a killer comback as red hood!!. I know im not alone on this… Am I??

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While I love red hood, I just feel like it’s too early to kill him. I want to see more of him as robin still. Also if they wait a bit and grow his character more I feel like it would be more impactful.



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You aren’t alone!

And where does this lazerus pit come from? You think Ra’s just hands them out like pet candy?

Same with white canary

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You still have to create the entire League of Assassins and have someone at the top unless it won’t be Ra’s. That’s a lot of plot overhead to bring back a minor titan.?just the set up for that is 5 episodes, easy.

And if you want to get into the while “soul” thing, you need Constantine as well.