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I was an early adapter to DC universe when it launched a couple months ago, and I was initially unimpressed by the selection of comic books. I’ve used the platform to watch Titans, but I haven’t paid attention to a lot of the comic books. As it turns out, I looked at the selection after months of avoiding it and I was impressed! A lot of the books I had been asking to be provided, specifically newer books, have been added in more bulk! What do you guys think about the growing library of comics on the platform?


Being that DCU was first and foremost promoted as a streaming service, the comics were never a defining attribute one or the other for me. I liked the selection they had at launch.

That said, I really like all of the books that have been added over the last few weeks. There’s so much to choose from that it gets hard to pick one thing definitively. Having too much to choose from is never a problem though and once more, I thank TPTB at DCU for continually enhancing what was already a great experience to start with.


When I first got DC Universe, I expected to get what I got. I know that due to content rights, things won’t be easy to acquire, but I was not expecting the speed that the library is growing. I’m really happy to see these new changes. Looking back at the beginning of services as MU, they took about 4 years if I’m right to reach 1000 comics. This is a very impressive feat for DC Universe, especially with their video library and other many features.


I think they’ve improved alot but there is still alot of work that needs to be done.

The biggest problem with this service remains transparency. Once it was officially announced beyond the vague notion of a video streaming service (as Vroom mentions) we were told that there was going to be a curated selection of comics. Most of us took this to mean that the selection would be limited and probably involve a number of things coming and going to reflect what was happening in the broader world of DC media but it was never clear what would rotate when.

Originally the plan seems to have been to have the library set up like a DC exclusive version of Comixology Unlimited where you would be able to purchase new issues individually to complement the ones included with the subscription (hence all the first issues). That quickly changed due to widespread discontent on the forums.

Now we’re left with no idea of what we paid for. Its not a paid preview service like ComiXology Unlimited. Its not an unlimited service like Marvel Unlimited. We have a finite library with no idea of its ultimate size that is full of large blocks of series but missing many key issues, most of wish DC has no apparent interest in filling. We have no idea when anything is rotating out besides Manhunter, Checkmate and Red Robin (which are gone at the end of February) and a vague promise that nothing is getting pulled for the “foreseeable future” but at the same time there is dust that still needs to settle (whatever that means). It’s different yes but I don’t know about better. As this site increasingly becomes a mirror of ComiXology Unlimited I’m beginning to doubt the need to subscribe to both at least for comics.

DC needs to come clean with what their intentions are and the sooner the better. Right now it feels like they’re biding their time until the WB service is ready to transfer over the video content and scrap this app altogether and that’s a shame because I think there was a lot of potential.


Also I don’t think DC Universe can survive on streaming content alone. The original series are expensive (even Harley Quinn despite being animated still has some big name actors; I’m sure Caley Cuoco doen’t come cheap). There isn’t that much video available that they can put up in the first place and their various licensing deals make it even less. A dedicated binge watcher could probably get through what’s on here in less than a year. DC Universe needs a strong selection of comics to prosper long term and I don’t know that we have that right now.

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Like all early new tech services, it’s a given launch is just a starting point. Netflix, Hulu, you can even throw in Apple/Samsung, or Playstation/Xbox all went this launch phase. DCU I don’t think hit it’s 6 months yet and there are a lot of room to grow. Given what they can work with and their budget, I think DCU is steadily doing great. I believe the more original shows/DC series/comics increases, this service can see more and more subscribers coming in.


@Monkey3s It took MU 4 years to get to 1000 comics, and people are whining that they didn’t have every comic ever on launch? Definitely can’t please everyone.

The comic selection has definitely improved a lot, if they had started with this selection I think there would have been a lot less discontent. Yeah, some still would have complained they didn’t have everything, but this selection is night and day compared to the original. (althogh won’t lie, I miss some of the stuff that was on here at launch, but they said all along the comics would rotate, so can’t sighn on when they said it would be rotating comics then complain they rotated them).

I do think they would be better off to make it a bit bigger. Not 30,000 (would be nice but again, they said 3000-3500 rotating comics so I am not going to sign on being told that then complain there aren’t 30,000), but maybe even 4-5 thousand would be nice. But what we have is great now and a definite sign of brigher things to come.

I do agree, that DCU should focus more on the comics. Not everyone comes here for the comics, but especially early on there is limited streaming content and not everyone is gong to be interested in every original series. And even if they didn’t rotate the movies out there is a limited number of what they can add, even if they had access to put any and all DC movies and TV shows ever regardless or rights or if DC/Warner owns the shows, they could add a new movie or show once a week and within a year they would still have damn near everything up. And obviously they don’t have that ability. But the comics they could add 1000 a month and still not be close to having everything. Now not saying that means they should do that, but I definitely think for retention ampting it up, if possible even if it is just adding 50 or so new ones a week might be worth looking into. Even if they were to avoid stuff that sells well on trades like Dark Knight, Crisis and the like they still have SO MUCH good reads.


Marvel Unlimited took a long time to grow but they were a lot smarter about what they put up starting with a lot of early stuff like Kirby FF and Ditko Spider-Man that were complete runs and adding on. There were definite stumbling blocks and even today there are still huge gaps in the 70s, 80s and 90s but they’ve had regular releases since the beginning and you can find the schedule without too much trouble. This level of transparency is something DC Universe should strive to emulate even if they can’t or won’t provide an unlimited library.

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Honestly I am becoming more and more pleased with the app. At first I wasn’t impressed when it launched because I felt it lacked alot of stuff for movies, tv, and comics but looking back now I can see how much they have improved. The comic selection has really grown and they are adding more shows that we would like plus all the new content. And no its not perfect and it still does need alot of work but I think DC is on the right track to making this a really awesome app. We just need to be patient.

I got the app for the comics. With the exception of the upcoming Doom Patrol show, I could care less about the streaming. The initial comic selection was baffling and limited.

The comic selection has been greatly improved! Perez Wonder Woman, King Batman, and John’s GL kept me from canceling subscription.

I wish they would add Waid’s run on Flash, Snyder’s Batman run, and Byrne 's Superman. Also would love a Vertigo selection as well. I think a Vertigo selection would attract more new fans to app.

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