📺 Late Night Watch Along with The Flash episode 22 FINALE, 16 May, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺

“Looks like we made, yes it looks like we made it to the end” (thank you, Blur!!! The Flash finale is upon us. The Trickster returns to Central City and we get his new sidekick Prank!!!


Hoping tge date comes up correctly. I have it set for the correct time and date, but if they use the Pacific time on the same date it won’t work. We’ll see I guess…

And i let them do it to me again! I have to bail because of work. It’s overtime and what makes it suck even more is that I can really use the money. I try to deliver when they ask, but I will be drawing a line for next week. Which is not just about our next venture. Well, mostly, but also am hosting earlier that day.

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You will be missed, but hope work goes great for you!!!

Me too. last week felt like a bad day. But until they tell me to stop, i will keep showing up. I will make a point to be caught up and post my thoughts when the party’s over.

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two days, fifteen hours, twenty-four minutes

I said i couldn’t make it. i didn’t say i couldn’t count.

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This is also one of the absolute best episodes of the series, maybe one of the best episodes of superhero television ever. I am hating that you won’t be here to discuss with us, but definitely look forward to your input as you plan to give after the event. And next week we get to your Human Target finally!!! It was definitely worth the wait…

BTW, I am going to change the time on the calendar to Pacific, as I am afraid the date may show up wrong (because when I put in the wrong number-last Sunday-it showed up “today” on Sunday and I don’t want that to be a factor on this watch. I need to ask Applejack if it will work or not…

I am very psyched for Human Target, but this show was also pinging on my radar, so it worked out. The proverbial win-win, if you will.

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Then we’ll have to start considering our next option. Of course, it’ll be several weeks before I make a poll for it.

we got a while assuming we are going to be doing both seasons of HT. i gave work this weekend so i can hold out for next week.

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25 weeks by my estimation…

11 hours to the amazing finale of The Flash 1990!!! Hope to see a great turnout for this epic episode!!!

Link: DC Universe

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5 minutes to curtain, Mr Hamill

Aaaaannnnddddd go…

Trickster :tshirt:

Trickster makes his Royal entrance

Trickster trial, hottest ticket in town