📺 Late Night Watch Along with Swamp Thing 📺


It’s everyone’s favorite time again, the late night watch along!!! This week we will be watching Swamp Thing season 2 episodes 21 & 22, “Changes,” and “Destiny.” As always, the link will be provided in the first comment.

Remember, for the best experience possible:

  1. we watch on Tubi with ads, no skipping
  2. watch on one device, type on another
  3. we start the first episode at 11, having already played the first ads
  4. I’ll try to give a warning when it is time to start
  5. the more the merrier, so invite anyone you think might be interested

This series was mainly stand alone episodes, but the continuity is easily explained for those just joining. Come for Swamp Thing, stay for the fun conversation. Same Swamp Time, same Swamp Channel…

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52 minutes away…

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@AntLeon invited @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx and @Mae last time, I believe…

And @MovieAddict has previously invited @TheWifeOfJasonTodd and @Archer500


Sorry, y’all, I would but it’s late for me!


Hopefully, @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx will make it. I should be able to…


5 minutes

queued and ready…

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Same here

Everybody on your marks

Get set…

Hit play NOW!!!

This episode looks like it will actually have a plot.

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She looks very familiar, but her credits do not ring any bells

He’s cured, he’s cured!!! The show ends with this episode!!! Well, we know something is gonna screw it up…

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Well, she’s been in the series before now, so maybe you just remember her last appearance?

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No, she looks like someone I have seen in other stuff, but I can’t think of who it is

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Foreshadowing death? Dr Ann, of COURSE his wife Linda won’t die again…

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She was in the film Fear City, but I can’t remember her in it.

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