📺 Late Night Watch Along with Swamp Thing , Saturday night, 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific 📺


The Tubi TV watch along with Swamp Thing 1990 continues with the next 3 episodes, season 1, episodes 4-6, “The Legend of the Swamp Maiden,” “Spirit of the Swamp,” and “Blood Wind.” For those who don’t know, Tubi TV is a free streaming app that has ads. Also, Swamp Thing had a production order and an original airdate order. To keep it simple, we will be watching in the order on Tubi.

Remember for the best experience possible:
1)watch on one device, type on another
2) I’ll try to give a warning when it’s time to start
3) the more the merrier

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@ttcoolthomas2025.65070 hopefully you will be able to make it this week. Forgot to tag you on the last watch along

can you tag me this time

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This is the thread for this week. I’ll try to remember to tag you again closer to time, but I can’t promise anything

ok jus don’t forget me this time ok

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Have you bookmarked the link? It might help. There will also be a banner evening of, thanks to the wonderful moderators…

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9 hours away @ttcoolthomas2025.65070

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3 hours, last reminder @ttcoolthomas2025.65070

where is it going to be on

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where do I find the watch along at

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Swamp Thing is on the Tubi app. Comment in this thread as you watch.

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im on the tubi app now

The 3 episodes are listed in the main post. Go to Tubi and at 11pm, start on the 4th episode. Watch through the Tubi app and comment here. Does that make sense?

I have the episode queued up on Tubi. I can already see that we’re starting with that annoying kid.

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queued up and ready.

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Hopefully everyone is ready at the start of the episode, get through that first ad and pause to be ready

Enjoy, everyone! :grin:


45 seconds on your mark

Get set…

Hit play NOW!!!