📺 Late Night Watch Along with Static Shock, Saturday night 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


Another 3 episodes this week as we watch the 4th season episodes “Where the Rubber Meets the Road,” Linked," and “Wet & Wild.” These are episodes 8-10 of season 4 on HBO Max.

Remember, for the best experience possible:

  1. watch on one device, type on another
  2. we watch on HBO Max, no skipping
  3. the more the merrier
  4. I’ll try to give a warning when it’s time to start

We are skipping one week, but we will be back to normal for the last 5 episodes and then we will be on to Swamp Thing on Tubi. Get your tickets and tables early, there is sure to be a crowd…

I dont have hbo max

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This and 1 more watch along with Static, then we switch to Tubi, which is free with ads, to watch Swamp Thing from the 90s. Hopefully you can make it for that one…

when is it so i can join

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I’m taking this week off, and we have 2 more weeks of Static Shock. So, 3 weeks from tomorrow will be the start of Swamp Thing. I’ll be posting the same way I do for Static, so just keep checking the way you have been.

how can watch it cause I don’t have HBO Max

There’s not another way to watch Static Shock, but 3 weeks from now when @MovieAddict starts the Swamp Thing watch-along, you’ll be able to do that from the website ‘Tubi’ which is free to use :slight_smile:


how am i going to do that from Tubi huh?

We start at 12:30am Eastern. You pull it up on whatever device you prefer to watch on. Tubi is free with ads. So, watch through Tubi on your preferred device, then on another device, come here to chat. The link is added fresh every week.

@AlexanderKnox @AntLeon I am assigned red dot again 2 weeks from tonight. Can you 2 run the last week of Static for me? It looks like I’m getting released tonight, but I can never be sure. I just don’t want to delay Swamp Thing, so I am hoping you can run the final week for me.

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I should be available.

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Cool. I was secondary tonight, but primary in 2 weeks. All were released tonight, but no telling what it will be in 2 weeks. Hopefully they decide to stop punishing me every weekend I work…

What you call punishment is what they call reliable.

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Watch those clocks, peeps.

I am rolling.

Only two more weeks of Lil Romeo.

that place is pricey.


I think so.

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He was lucky that one person was in the room to hear his introduction.