📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target Season 2, episode 11, Saturday night 7 November, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


After the trouble last week, hopefully things will go right this week for the watch along. We are down to the final 3 episodes, this week we “Kill Bob” on our way to the end. Tune in and enjoy, same Chance time, same Chance channel…

Let’s pick a final late night watch along. We have only 3 episodes of Human Target left, and that leaves 8 weeks before all video leaves the service. The following are my picks, some will take longer but I have those on DVD and can continue after. I leave the decision to you;

  • Adventures of Superman (2 episodes]
  • Green Lantern animated (3 episodes)
  • Legion of Superheroes (3 episodes)
  • Krypton (1 episode)

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Again, I reserve my vote until the end in case of a tie.

Internet is BACK on, so hopefully it will be no problems for this week!!!

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And the most you can do is about an hour?

I have HBO Max, so if it’s there, I have access.

Krypton i have never watched, but the lighter fare of GL or LoSH is more where I am leaning.

It’s also still us, unless the winter months drive enough ppl indoors.

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I’m hoping the banner will bring some votes tomorrow

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13 hours 13 minutes

5 hours 38 minutes

fifty-one minutes


Just watched last week’s episode. I’m ready for tonight


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And i had no trouble, just to say out loud

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24 minutes!

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Welcome @ReepDaggle, glad to see you here tonight!!!

About 17 minutes…

Ten minutes

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Last week’s episode might have been one of the better stories. Been so long I really wonder if tonight might improve upon that…

Missed the big speech tonight, but isn’t a watch along a worthy excuse? Anyway, here we go again, 4 minutes and odd seconds

Paused on the start and the cars on the Golden Gate Bridge look like they are from a time well before 2010. Isvit movie stock footage? If so, that means both watch alongs started with stock footage from a past era tonight…