📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target season 1 episode 4, Saturday night, 13 June, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


This week it sounds like a cross between DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones as Chance races to protect religious artifacts in a Canadian monastery. What familiar faces will we see this week? Only one way to find out, tune in and join the discussion this Saturday…

About 75 hours to go…

fifty-five hours, thirty minutes

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Just over 11 hours, see everyone tonight…

nine hours, four minutes

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95 ish minutes…

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1 minute

And gooooo!!!

Monks, would have preferred Enigma’s music

Sam Fisher looks familiar, another week of guess that actor…

Did everyone fall asleep this week? I’ll be here for the duration if anyone comes late…

ugh late to the party

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At least you made it. Looks like we’re a party of 2 this week

just -past the opening credits

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I’m a bit ahead

I’ll pause a few seconds

i let my eyes close and it was 12.33 AM ET

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Well that was violent

Just passed the cop on the road