📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target, first episode, May 23, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


A brand new watch along as we delve into the world of Christopher Chance. This series ran for 2 short seasons, clocking in at just 25 episodes. This was also more of a departure from the comic than the previous attempt with Rick Springfield and latter attempt on Arrow, but it’s a great series. I like the change, but I admit I didn’t know the comic prior to the series, and absolutely knew nothing about the Rick Springfield version until after I started researching this series. So, tune in along with us and experience this series like never before!!! The fun starts all over every Saturday night…

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I never read the comic, just started watching the show. And i am glad we going directly from one to the next without any breaks.

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I’ll do it

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It will be great to have a new face, welcome, Walker


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Work has been thwarted. I was ready to negotiate Sunday and/or Monday (memorial day) to keep my evening open. As long as the overlords are relatively pleased with my overall performance, it’s proverbially all good.

So, with a new show on deck, what’s our new name?

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Humanoid Tarzhays?

:thinking: Let’s keep working on it. Regardless of what we’re watching. we are the late-nighters,

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Yeah, I wasn’t planning on that one. Maybe the Dark Night League? Late Night League? I am up for anything…

Human Tarzhays ain’t bad. but that reference kind of shows my old. I shouldn’t force the name and let it develop on its own. Late-Nighters however, I am going to push.

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I just thought of the fancy name for Target stores and used it basically. Late Night League is due to the fact that we are watching so many JL members, Dark Night League was in honor of the Constanteam kicking everything off…

How did Nerds of Prey come about?

sometimes it isn’t good to force a name…

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It was a suggestion and I can’t remember who threw it out there to be honest. All I can tell you is it was obviously not either of us. Just over 10 hours 10 minutes now…

Thunderstorm going through here currently, hopefully all will be well for the watch along tonight. just under 8 hours and 20 minutes left to get ready!!!

2 hours 20 minutes

Link: DC Universe

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less than 10 minutes!

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Less than 5 minutes

Really excited to go back through this series. Been a while since I watched any but the Christmas episode

And goooooooo!!!