📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 6 of Season 2, 3 October, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


Christmas comes early and Chance is saving your stockings. Santa Winston will be in “The Other Side of the Mall” listening to all your sugarplum wishes. Will Ilsa get jewelry? Will Chance get plum pudding? Will Guerrero get the holly jolly feeling? Only one way to find out, so you better watch out, you better not pout, make sure you get on the nice list because Santa’s packing heat!!! Tune in and join the fun!!! If you have never watched, don’t worry, this is another stand alone episode (as most of this series are).

Don’t get left out, mark your calendar and get your nap in early!!! Watch alongs are always more fun with a crowd, and of course, with a Christmas episode, it’s definitely the more the merrier!!! :mrs_claus::menorah::christmas_tree::gift::confetti_ball::tada:


4 hours 15 minutes!!!

Less than 3 hours!!!

I am very grateful to not be working this Saturday. Double bonus for not even getting asked.

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Stuck this up as a banner! I hope you all enjoy Human Target! :slight_smile:


Much Obliged!

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seventy-five minutes

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Thanks!!! Feel free to join the conversation!!!

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Switched my red dot from Fri to this past Wed. Had to stay all night. I’m all set for tonight!!!

Twenty minutes

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Eating my beefless pot pie and getting ready!!! Had some queso findido Cheez-Its earlier. Highly suggest both for your tastebuds!!! 4 minutes

Link: DC Universe

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Annddd gooooooo!!!

Every body feeling holly jolly?

Our host is faster than my device’s clock.

and oh my goodness, the host of America Says…

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Not the company!!!

They are The Syndicate, but now that i hear that accent…

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Wait…is this going to turn into the origin of Dr. Sivana? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Talk about the police being there when you need them…

Could be…

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