📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target, episode 2, 30 May, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


This week Chance battles a hacker. A tried and true staple since the dawn of the computer age.

Hope everyone gets in a question to John Wesley Shipp since The Flash is still fresh in our minds…

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Missed the first one. But I’ve been meaning to get to this show. I’ll binge the first episode and get caught up. Lol see you then.

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We very much look forward to seeing you here!!!

I didn’t think of a question for JWS.

how do you binge one (1) episode? however if timed right, the two together would be more …bingy? :crazy_face: :sunglasses:

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I definitely suggest watching DC Daily from Friday too. JWS was the special guest and it was a great chat!!! Just over 12 1/4 hours away!!!

I guess you are right. Lol I got in to it last night and thought to myself “man this would have been better to wait and watch them back to back, ugh”… lol

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I was mostly teasing you. but it should still be fresh in your mind. fresher than mine because i saw it last week. AND!! I’m what you would call an old.

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I would like to take a moment to hype this show. I didn’t see it when it had the original run years ago but I started the first episode one evening in March and enjoyed it greatly. I sat up late to watch 3 or 4 episodes. I did enjoy the first season more than the second but they were both quite enjoyable. Jackie Earl Haley’s Guerrero has become a favorite character for me.

I hope everyone watching the show tonight enjoys it. And, as you watch the series, keep an eye on the guest stars, you will probably recognize a few of them.

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We would love to have your input if you are able to make it. I always say, the more the merrier…

The more the merrier indeed! when i tuned in when it originally aired, Guerrero was my first exposure to Jackie Earle Haley.

four hours. fifty-seven minutes


About 3 hours…

Jackie is awesome in this.

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Link: https://www.dcuniverse.com/videos/watch/rewind/28406381-7d7e-4e5c-ac7e-f2d1dc655aec

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The guy hiring them was dr emmel on smallville. If I’m not mistaken

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less than ten minutes!

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Couple of minutes

And goooo

Nora Darhk

I am here with a cup of coffee. :smiley:

I feel a need to show support for this show and character. Chance’s character also appeared a couple of times in Arrow the past couple of years. The new actor was good but I prefer this version. I won’t talk about Rick Springfield having the role.

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