📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 12, Saturday night, 15 August, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺

Fitting that we reach the season finale this week, as we will be breaking for a week due to DC Fandome!!! What an episode to take a break after, “Christopher Chance” sees Chance’s father and so many familiar faces!!! Hope everyone can tune in, because this is a truly epic episode…


Just under 60 hours and 45 minutes…

seventeen hours, fifty-four minutes

another rough week. I still hold the dread, but if the last few weeks are any indication, I should be here.

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FYI, if you’re interested, complete series of Batman 66 and Wonder Woman are on sale this weekend on Vudu for $20.

Just over 3 1/2 hours away!


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fifty-three minutes

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thirty-two minutes

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15 minutes

I may have to pick up The Wife, otherwise ready to go

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And to edit the double post, I don’t think the Chrisopher Chance predecessor is his father, just a guy doing the same sort of thing.

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Correction, she is all set.

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Almost time


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And goooo

Are they Snake Eyes?

Still steaming

I believe that’s the furthest the series has gone back yet, 6 years


Wouldn’t that hurt his foot?