📺 Late Night Watch Along with Human Target episode 11, Victoria, Saturday night, 8 August, 9:30pm Pacific, 12:30am Eastern 📺


Another week of familiar faces and action & intrigue. If you haven’t watched this series, now is the time to watch it with friends. This show was so underrated. Come tell us what you think. We may be up late, but we are very welcoming…

thirty-nine hours, fourteen minutes

You going to be here or a chance of being called in again?

There’s always a chance. But I plan on being here.

thirty-one hours, seventeen minutes

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13 hours, 5 minutes…

3.25 hours

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seventy-two minutes

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less than five minutes!

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Less than 2 minutes

Paused and ready

BTW, I’m going to skip the week of Fandome, since so much will be going on


He was in Daredevil

1 minute in and we already have a familiar face

And was that Deputy Andy?

She resembles Rachel Skarston

just the two (2) of us 2night?

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Looks like

no problem, makes sense to skip.

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That was Deputy Andy