last Night's episode of Gotham discuss?

Omg who else was blown away by last night’s season 5 premiere?


It was very good. Penguin and Riddler are nuts.


Penguin is amazing :black_heart::heart: that’s our Iowa boy :heart::black_heart: I’m so excited Jeremiah and Ecco are gonna be right out the gate, they usually don’t have Cameron M. Come in til midseason!!!


Count me as 1. Just finished it cuz I fell asleep last night. Worked out perfect tho cuz got to watch YJ3 & Gotham right in a row, that’s tough to top. I’m so upset Tabby “might” be gone. Hoping Barbara’s past connections to Ra’s will play a part in reanimating her, quick dip in a Lazarus dip for 1 please? Also, her connection with Solomon aka Butch is another doorway back to the living. I’m hoping they will bury her in the magical swamp mud next to her man Grundy & they’ll both return. All that being said, very satisfied with the episode & hungry for more.

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Next week looks good. “This is where it ends!” “No, this is where it begins!”

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Last night’s episode “Year Zero” was insane! So far I’m loving how they are doing “No Man’s Land”, and it was great to see Bruce use night vision and stealth mode to protect the medicine. Great nod to what Batman will do later on to take down henchmen. The Riddler and Penguin looked fantastic in the flashforward. The question I have is who shot down the Wayne helicopter? Lee? Jeremiah? Only someone within the GCPD section or someone tapping into their communication would know the helicopter was coming.

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I think it was Ecco doing it for Jeremiah! Uh the ending with his smile logo? Ughhhhh left me staring in awe wanting more. Penguin has really became the Pengy we want! Bruce is amazing coming into Batsy! Selina has me so sad, and which witch???

Can we discuss last nights Gotham episode? I couldn’t find a thread for it. Selina Kyle episode? Didn’t wanna create one cuz I knew soon as I did 5-10 other folks would too so just been waiting.

The setting is very exciting. I hate how much the show draws me in even though as an OCD guy for continuity it totally fails as a batman story. But its soooooo GOOOOOD


Fellow ocd sufferer I get it.

@Dcgoddessofmayhem, that’s a good point. It could be Ecco since she was lurking around the GCPD.

@djd187.81432, smart idea! I had the same thought as well about the thread. It’s easier just to bump the thread up to the top for discussion.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode. I love when Gordon is up against the walls, but tries the best he can to help people. I loved the whole act of Gordon and Bullock in the house of horrors. Mother was a trippy villain. Poison Ivy was great! I loved how they had the plants move around her lair. Next week’s episode looks interesting.

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Did they bump? Last I checked nobody had I was gonna suggest same thing @Summers

Never mind I see it’s fair play, just read what u posted underneath my tag. I requested more of the new Ivy in a what do u want thread & you’re right @Summers she was still awesome. That scene was one of my favorite parts. This episode was eerily reminiscent of The Sewer King in Btas. Where the kids are taught to steal & return the goods in exchange for shelter & food. The boy Gordon saved even reminded me of Frog from that episode that Bruce & Alfred took in.