is it just me or has DC animated movies been going down hill steadily? If it’s just me please recommend a newer DC animated film I’ll love thanks

Justice League vs Fatal Five
Death of Superman
Reign of the Superman

All were fantastic imo.

I’ll give them a watch

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Didn’t really like the Fatal Five, but I almost cried during DoS and I love RotS.

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The three mentioned are great.

With the Fatal Five great seven “Members”

Wonder Woman

Mr Terrific

Miss Martain

Jessica Cruz Green Lantern

Legion of Super Hero Starboy.

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Batman vs TMNT (the most recent DC animated movie) was awesome.

Not on DCU, but still a top tier movie.

Of the regular Warner Premiere line, I’d say Death of Superman was the best of the last year.

Just watched Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. it was on Hulu.

overall, a B+. I believe it would also be given a rating of R were it in the movies; not that it took anything away.

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I really liked Justice League vs Fatal Five! And last year I loved Batman: Ninja.

Fatal Five battle scenes were pretty good. Otherwise? Meh.

Fatal Five battle scenes were pretty good. Otherwise? Meh.

Fatal Five battle scenes were pretty good. Otherwise? Meh.

Batman and Harley Quinn was fun. It didn’t take itself to seriously. Having seen a sneak peak on Hush (extras in Batman vs TMNT) it looks very good.

I didn’t think much of JL vs F5. It was ok, but, I don’t think, especially with Star Boy, they did his nuerochemical issue justice at all. They did a passable job with Jessica Cruz’s PTSD. It felt like a very ungrounded storyline.

JL Dark, TT Judas Contract, & Hell to pay were all quite good, IMO. Death/Reign were fine, if you liked that storyline originally you’ll probably like them. I always thought that entire storyline was a bit “meh”. So I don’t think it’s the two films, it’s the story itself.

I also thought Killing Joke was very good.

I was pleasantly surprised by Batman vs TMNT, it was better than I thought, although it “feels” much more like a Nick production than a DC Animated.

So I disagree that that they are going steadily down hill.

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I thought Justice League vs The Fatal Five and Gotham by Gaslight were both excellent.


Gotham by Gaslight was excellent. So was Gods vs Monsters. Two of the best DC Animated so far, IMO. Both are in my animated top 5.

Justice vs The Fatal Five.

I imagine I’ll heartily enjoy Batman: Hush too.

Justice *League vs The Fatal Five.

Sorry, it’s early :slight_smile:

To be honest I haven’t watch any since killing joke I couldn’t get past the fact that they made Batman sleep with batgirl I just feel that that wasn’t right I have never gotten any impression of them having a sexual relationship if it was Babs and dick ok but Babs and Bruce that was just weird and off-putting to me

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Even dating back to Batman 66, I think Batgirl always had “a thing” for Bats and not Robin.

And why does Batman carry the burden for that liaison. It looked like Babs was more the instigator than Bruce. And on a rooftop. Let’s face it, if either of them have a exhibitionistic bent, it’s Batgirl not Batman.

Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Death of Superman/ Reign of the Supermen was Awesome too!