Last Chance Watchalong 22 Dec 8PM EST: Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis

Join me for this last chance viewing of Justice League: War and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. I suspect War is the bigger draw and if you cannot stay for Atlantis, I totally understand.

Throne of Atlantis

Watchalongs are best experienced with two (2) devices: one to watch (TV, PC, laptop), one to comment (phone, tablet). The only restriction is being on the service. And if you’re on the service, you are totes invited.


Nice! Looking forward to it, and I should be able to do both flicks. :slight_smile:

Glad you can make the full showing!

Won’t be here in time for War, but what time does Throne of Atlantis start?

Given War’s run time of 79 minutes, I’m currently going with 9:25pm eastern.

And to repeat, Atlantis will start at 9:25pm Eastern.

10 minutes

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I’m ready! :smiley:

good to see you. HCQ should be here for the 2nd half

These are the first two in this set of movies. i like the continuity

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Same here, they totally get a bum rep, IMO.

Go time!

Just started, love how they use the Jim Lee artwork for the opening credits.

Looks a lot like the B:TAS Batman on that news footage logo.

That is always something they never explain in superhero movies, how DO they get down from those roofs?

Really like how they do Hal in this movie, very imaginative with his constructs.

This Hal has a good moment in JL:Dark.

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here’s another good one

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Love the rivalry that they set up between Hal and Bruce in this.

“Dark Side? What is that, a band?”