Last Chance To Read/Watch - Now Until May 1st!

The time has come to put away a few of our toys in order to make room for new gadgets and gizmos!

Make sure to give these comics and animated movies one last run around the block before they’re gone on May 1st:

-Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero
-Batman: Year One
-Justice League vs. Teen Titans
-Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
-Justice League: Doom

-Animal Man Series

“Animal Man nooooo! What happened to ADDING comics?”

Alas, as we reconfigured our library we isolated one single series we had to sacrifice- the Vertigo imprint, Animal Man. As many of you know, we are not carrying Vertigo comics on our service at this time. But we will be adding 20,000+ more to ease the pain!

Stay tuned for more announcements about fresh batches of DC goodness soon!


Animal Man nooooooo!..Just kidding. I get it. :weary:


I know you guys just added a lot comics but rotating out any media on here is no BUENO. Especially tv and movies, its super slim in that area as is.


I’ve got some Justice League homework to do it seems.

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@DCuniVICE, we will be adding more in the future to fill out the section, stay tuned!


Looking foward to it. Thanks.

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Is that both Animal Man series or just one?

Respectfully, I think the series that pre-dated Vertigo, all of which had ties to the DC Universe storywise (Swamp Thing, Sandman, Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Shade, and Hellblazer) should be included on DC Universe, at least up until they became part of the Vertigo imprint. What is the rubric being used to decide what stays? Are we going to lose Swamp Thing too?


That’s a good point, Montego. There aren’t even any Animal Man issues online yet from #57 onward, so where is the line being drawn?

It should just be the Vertigo series, the New 52 version won’t be affected.

I’m bummed the Vertigo series is going, but I get it. Does that mean that the Doom Patrol series will go for similar reasons?

@montego200x, it is not a rubric but a series of negotiations that resulted in a compromise in the most traditional meaning of the definition.

The specific issues being removed are:
Animal Man (1988) 1-26

We were able to persuade for specific runs of Swamp Thing in order to support the Original Series coming out in May :slight_smile:


@Jay_Kay, much like Swamp Thing allowances were made to support our Original series. There is no plan to remove the Doom Patrol from the Vertigo imprint at this time.


Jay_Kay, I’m referring to the 80’s series, featuring seminal work from Alan Moore. It’s already on DC Universe, but the same series was one of the 6 preexisting series that switched over to the Vertigo imprint when it launched.

Bye Batman Mr. Freeze Subzero, it was fun. Thankyou DC for adding it while it lasted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I’m glad that certain series are being negotiated for on a case by case basis. Thank you!

But… DC owns Vertigo… Confuzzled…

I hope the day will come when they won’t remove anything so they can have a complete collection of Animated and Live Action movies on here. That would really put this service over the top of all the others.

I understand later Vertigo titles not being added. This service is very much focused on the superhero comics from DC and most late 90’s and newer Vertigo titles aren’t superhero related at all, and have no ties to the actual DC universe storywise.

Vertigo titles are not part of the general DC Universe comic imprint though, even titles retroactively added to it like Animal Man.

Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing stay for tie-in purposes to their respective shows. The more people watch those shows will then read the comics (and vice versa) and that drives up traffic on the service.

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Why are you taking movies off if I may ask?