Last Chance & Coming Soon Titles - Week of 10/30 & 11/5

New to DC Universe – 10/30- 11/12:

Batman: Dark Victory

Last Chance – Expires 11/05:

Batman: The Long Halloween

Many of you have asked why we rotate comics. That question is being deeply considered internally, and we hope to answer it to great satisfaction in the near future.


I wonder if they’re actually going to truthfully answer the question. They obviously want us to read some comics, and then pay for the rest of the series. Why would they release the first 40 issues of the new teen titans, and then stop right before their most famous story. They obviously expect people to go out and buy the rest of the series.


Yeah I agree. I don’t understand why they keep taking comics off. I don’t even understand why they take movies and shows off so quick either. I’m paying monthly to have access to this stuff, and they don’t even keep it on long enough to enjoy it. Netflix and Hulu have their stuff on for at least a year before they take their stuff off. DC should have no problem since they own all these things.


And I think it’s silly to expect people to pay extra for comics on a streaming service we are already paying for. We should be able to read comics for free since we are already paying monthly for DC to provide their service. I can understand not putting new comics that were just released on here, but the older stuff shouldn’t need extra payment to read.


Its hard to get thru some of the runs in a 2 week period, like the The long Halloween. Please make the runs stay for at least one month


Bruh, what happened with the New Teen Titans vol 7 and 8? Seriously not kind of you.


I fully expect DC Universe to be rolled into the new overall Warners app next fall. There’s just not enough content here to exist on its own. I thought CBS Access was bad, but it’s cheaper than this and has tons of shows and more original content. And at launch, not just recently.


I would love if The Long Halloween could be extended a few more weeks so my son can read it.


I would love if The Long Halloween could be extended a few more weeks so my son can read it.


2 weeks for a run is ridiculous…


You don’t know why the comics are rotated? DC needs to quit being a company, as in the whole “don’t answer or you’ll be liable for what makes people unsubscribe!”

Just give us the TRUTH. We are here because we love DC, just tell us why you rotate and be done with it, take responsibility, DC. We don’t want a “customer satisfaction oriented” answer. It’s all BS.


My suggestion is for rotating comics to stay for a minimum of one month, but new titles to continue being added weekly. This gives readers enough time to get through long runs. I also think fans want full runs, and not a scattering of single issues, except for maybe monthly singles with the next issue coming next month.Like Marvel staying current with a 6 month lag