Last Chance Before May: Richard Donner's Superman The Movie

Superman’s going on a break! For the month of April, Richard Donner’s Superman The Movie will be retiring to the Fortress of Solitude. But do not fear, Superman will be flying back to the service in May!

This will be the only piece of content leaving the service in April, which means you have plenty of other goodies to catch up on until Superman’s triumphant return! :muscle:t2:


anticipates the arrival of May


MAYDAY MAYDAY! We’re losing Superman til May! Oh well at least we still have all 4 Batman films. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does that mean no comics are leaving?

hears a knock on the front door

Me: Who could that be? Come on Trolley, let’s go have a look. looks through the peephole with Trolley down by his side

opens the door with a smile To quote Gomer Pyle (USMC), golllllllyyy! It’s Veronica Vudu! Hi Ms. Vudu. Please, come in and have a seat. she steps inside and has a seat

Veronica Vudu: Hi, Vroom! Thanks for having me. I just wanted to let the readers know that while Superman: The Movie is on hiatus from the wonderful and supremely entertaining shining beacon of amazement that is DC Universe, you can purchase it at in glorious 4K Ultra High Definition resolution.

Me: Well, isn’t that nice? Thank you for the heads up Ms. Vudu. That’s a great way to experience the film until it returns to DC Universe. It’s really cool that Warner Brothers Home Entertainment released a brand new high quality home video release of the original theatrical edition of a significant science fiction movie from the late 1970’s for its 40th anniversary last year. Thanks WBHE! double thumbs and a wink

Veronica Vudu: It is! Warner Brothers just gets it, don’t they?

Me: They sure do! we wink in unison as Veronica heads for the door

Veronica Vudu: Thanks for having me over. Now I’m off to spread the word about Superman: The Movie to all of the other hamlets, far and wide! Fare thee well good sir! she turns into a raven and flies away

Me: Good times!


Maybe I should make this movie a watch along movie on March 28! Watch it before it’s gone! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Reagan I could be persuaded to attend that :wink:


Glad it will only be gone for a short time but will miss it. lol. Hope some more live action movies are coming back soon, DCU is seriously lacking in those right now as most have been rotated out. maybe May will bring the other Superman films with it… I can hope.

Good news nothing else is leaving and nothing has left for the last couple months so could definitely be worse news.


@DTMO That’s the right attitude IMO. Focus on the positives =)


There are a lot more positives then negatives on this service for sure.


I already own it


@Db me too. I used to own nearly every DVD and Blu-ray release of Superman:The Movie (individual releases, box sets, retail exclusives, etc). I even thought about buying it on VHS, but I could never find an edition in the proper widescreen format.

It’s absolutely a quintessential movie to own.


Here’s a Thought Rocket:

I saw Cameron Cuffe on yesterday’s DC Daily. That got me to thinking that STM is going away now, only to come back in May alongside the rest of the Reeve Quadrilogy in a promotional effort for Krypton’s DCU debut that month.

Any takers on that idea?


@Vroom: Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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Done and done! And I mean done!


@Vroom sounds about right

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PLEASE ADD SUPERGIRL(1984) please please please. I love this movie and would love to be able to watch anywhere I go.

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It’s leaving for a month? Lol okay. Well it’s coming back so it’s all good

Give us Mos!