Large Compendiums

So I’ve got my eye on the Starman Compendium (in lieu of a reprint of the excellent omnis from a few years ago), but I’m a little worried how it will hold up over time and how comfortable it is to read. Does anyone else have this book or books of a similar size? If so, how is the quality?


You talking this one - the one that is over 1,400 pages and weighs more than five pounds? If so…wow!

The largest book I have is the ‘Green Lantern: The Silver Age Omnibus Volume 1’ book which is 1,000 pages and over 6 pounds. It has held up very well but unlike most books I can’t read it anywhere other than at the kitchen table. It’s massive and to read it for more than a glance would be exhausting. At the table, though, it’s great and reads well on a flat surface. I’ve had it for years now and it’s still in great condition. As long as you take care of it that book should hold up well.


Yeah, I mean, it’s good that they are finally doing something to get this material back in print, I guess. But the size and price point aren’t exactly that friendly. I would have loved to have seen DC complete the softcover omni reprint line of these, but they only got 2 of the 6 out before cancelling the line.


This contains 3 omnis worth of material, so the price is pretty good, assuming the omnis would be priced around $40, which seems to be about the going rate for similar books.

But yeah, it’s a big book. I’m not sure I could sit in a chair with it. Maybe with a pillow?

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