Lara Lor-Van (Superman's Mom)

I was watching Superman the Movie, and it got me thinking about Lara’s personality. She’s most often portrayed as stoic, motherly, and devoted to Jor-El. Unfortunately we don’t get much time to get to know her so let’s imagine what she’s like.

I feel like Superman’s mom would be athletic, doesn’t have to be professional, but maybe she likes martial arts or gymnastics. Or maybe she loves flying or some other outdoor adventure sport.

I loved the version of Supergirl’s mom Alura in the Legion of Super-Heroes movie. Making her a General in the Military Guild was so interesting and adds a layer to Kara’s personality and athleticism.

So what do you think? Are you satisfied with how Lara is typically portrayed? What is your head cannon background for our Supermom? What are some of your favorite depictions of Lara?


Decent way to portray her.

I call it fortunate unless it is a TV show that is focuses highly on motherhood or Krypton. There is limited time, and it is best spent with the guy with discovered Krypton is about to kaboom.

That is less personality than the above mentioned things.

Well she cannot fly unless you mean in a plane. Based on how significant the baby ship is adding that just lessens the impact.

That opening scene is probably the best part.


In contrast to Martha she hates pie.


I realize this take may be unpopular, but I’ve always kind of liked that we know very little about Jor and nothing and Lara. It puts us in Superman’s shoes because he also doesn’t know anything and is even more curious than us. Honestly, I wish I knew less about Jor sometimes. It leaves them mysterious.

That said, head canons and theories are fun. I think she didn’t want a dog but when they got Krypto, was absolutely in love with him.


We know that she’s big into biologically engineered plants (and that Krypton had famine that needed solving). And doesn’t bat an eye when her husband hitches a ride on a giant carrot so he can sweet talk their similarly bioengineered baby.

In my head canon, she gets up stupid early to go surfing before starting her day. (Kryptonian rash guards are just as ridiculously ornate as their everyday science robes.)


I love that head cannon!


Yes! Omg surfer girl is a great idea!