Who’s your favorite lantern before New 52 and Rebirth. ((Sorry Jessica and Simon.))


Character wise,I have a soft spot for Kyle. Also as a kid of the 90s and early 2000s, I love John Stewart as well. Comics wise, I really love Geoff Johns run with Hal Jordan. It was an incredible run (both pre and during the New 52).

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Hal Jordan by a landslide. But Guy as a Red Lantern was fantastic. I wish he’d go back, frankly. 6 (Possibly 7) human Green Lanterns is starting to feel cluttered, even though I love Jessica.

Guy was always my favorite lantern as a kid. Hal was snotty, and John was too cerebral. But Guy had heart and spoke honestly.

However, Guy Gardner: Warrior wasn’t very good, and Green Lantern: Mosaic was pretty awesome.

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